Instagram Round-Up February…


Happy Wednesday ladies,


it is finally March and as great it is that we are heading towards Spring it definitely is bittersweet because my little girl is turning one in 3 1/2 weeks. I can´t believe it and what´s even more impossible is that we had been in lockdown the year she was born and will still be when she turns one.

Anyways Feburary hasn´t been my best month in terms of taking tons of pictures. It has been better than the last couple of years but I still was in my flunk but with Spring approaching I am outfit planning like a crazy person and can´t wait to share everything with you. I am even planning on adding another style segment to the blog and Instagram but more on that later. 

See you tomorrow with a new update on Emilia. I have been very unconsistant with taking monthly pictures of her but it get´s trickier every month since she is on the move and doesn´t have time to sit still.

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