Ginger Hair – My hair color, products I use and how I style my hair…



Hair Color

I have almost had every existing hair color under the sun and probably stuck with red and ginger the most. 

The first time I colored my hair ginger was in the Summer break when I was 15. I was super excited and the color turned out great. I have loved it very much but it went away after a few hair washes.

Next time I colored my hair was after school when I was 16. I had lots of different colors from dark brown, to brown with hints of red, to blonde and bright red. 

But at some point I always came back to ginger or as my daughter says orange. Since having a second child I haven´t visited a salon. I´d rather save time and money and color my hair at home. The drug store has one permanent hair color I buy every single time. 

It is the L´Oréal Paris Préférence in the color 7.4 Dublin. I color my hair every 5 to 7 weeks. Depends on how washed out the color is and / or how much my hair has grown out. 

I personally like the color very much. It is easy to prepare, use and apply. I know that this is not an option for everyone cause my hair color is all over and that´t it. Highlights or other things won´t be as easy to achive at home.

Hair Products

Scalp // Scalp Brush 

Shampoo and Conditioner // 

Detangling / Wet Brush / Revlon

Leave-in treatments // Keratin Spray, Olaplex No. 6 


Hair Tools

T3 Wand / My most prized possession, love it for my curls and use it on a weekly basis. I have different barrels for it but always use the 25mm. I am just the happiest with this outcome.

Remington Hair Straightener / This one is really simple and super old but it still does the trick. I mainly use it to straighten my bangs and that´s it.

Velcro Roller / 

Hair Styles

My hair looks really glossy and is super shiny after styling it with heat tools but it has a natural curl in it which means everytime the humidity rises the frizz in my hair does too. I have tried every product under the sun and the only thing that helps here is a hair style. I can do a french braid or a pony tail or a bun and that looks just fine but any type of curl will be destroyed within minutes.


Hi, it´s me….





I have decided I am going to introduce myself again. Long and detailed. It is going to be 10 years since I have started this blog and oh boy if I look back I almost don´t recognize myself. In the last 10 years a lot of things have changed, good as well as bad. Some of my outfits have been so bad oh and the quality of the photography was even worse. 

So let´s start.

Hi, I am Kati, I am 34 years old (oof looks strange writing it out) and live in a house with my husband my two girl´s and my dog.

The girl´s are now one and three and it is the best watching them grow up together. They share a bedroom as well as a playroom and I have designed both for them.

My husband is an engineer and is out of the house most of the week, but we do lots of day trips on the weekends and just enjoy our time together

Our little dog Chloe is now 10 years old as well. She is a Jack Russel Terrier and shows no signs of age. She loves the sun, her ball and being outside. Not her favorite weather at the moment.

I would say I am a SAHM who works a few hours a week at a local store (not enough to be called part time so I would say my main job is being a mom). Being with my girls most of the time is the best I could have ever imagined.

My blog is celebrating it´s 10th anniversary this year and I can not believe I have been doing this for such a long time and there are still topics I haven´t written about and things I love to share with you. But I guess that is life. It is ever changing and evolving and never standing still.

Some facts about me:

– my favorite colors are green, white and orange

– I eat my steak rare (the waiter always asks me twice if I am sure about that 😉

– wet hair from other people, sweating people and old leftovers gross me out

– I love me some coffee any time of the day

– my guilty pleasure are handbags (probably inherited that from my great-aunt)

– do not have any patience with car things and technical stuff

– loved my two pregnancies

– I hate sports and if I say hate I loathe them

– I do not have self control around anything made out of potatoes (have to eat it)

– would never give up bread

– I eat bacon and eggs every day for breakfast

– my favorite season is Fall – what is not to love about pumpkins and falling leaves

– I rather stay in and clean than go out

– favorite clothing items are dresses – just the easiest way to get dressed 

– I do not eat much fruit – do not like the consistency nor the taste

– if I could, I would life on my own ranch far away from other people

– my dream car is a Chevrolet Tahoe

– as a child I wanted to become a fairy or a pirat bride

– my favorite all time movies are Lord of the Rings – The Two Tower and The Return of the King, The Devil wears Prada and Because I Said So

– the most toys I get for my girls are secretly for me cause I find them so cute and have never grown up

– I am terrible with numbers and money

– my favorite sweets are Picco Balla, the white champagne parlines from Lindt and doughnuts

– my favorite store has always been H&M and will forever be

– I haven´t killed a single plant in the last two years – yeah me




More Daisies in a Dress….



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Looks like we have quite the theme going on for this Spring and our thing is daisies. How else could it possibly be ? I mean I love flowers and they fit so perfectly into the season. 


Spring Outfits Lately…


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Spring has visited the last couple of days but sadly has taken a break for the last two or so, so if it is still cold and dreary where you are, here is some serious Spring outift inspo I have worn lately. The colors are lighter, the patterns are happier. It helps lighten the mood so much.