Help me organize my bathroom cabinet…


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I would say we have a lot of storage in our bathroom but this also means if there is no organization it takes up a lot of space in a cabinet if you always just throw stuff in there and then close the door. 

My husband and I both have an extra bathroom cabinet (but his holds our cleaning supplies as well cause let´s be honest – he doesn´t need that much space). I recently was getting something for him out of his cabinet cause he asked me to and oh boy!!!! I could not live that way and this definitely has to change.

He is on board nevertheless so let´s start with sorting out, cleaning and then organize (my favorite part).

How to organize a bathroom cabinet 

There are many different things you can get to organize a cabinet but I have four things that work for most cabinet spaces and also make a huge difference.

Maximize Space

This acrylic stair shelf I have added to the top is amazing to maximize space. You use the height you have left to place your items. You can store at least twice as many things and you are also able to see the things in the back cause they stick out. 

Build Order

If you have the possibility to get yourself one of those dividers use it. I highly recommend dividing several things like toiletry bags cause the look very cluttery when they are lying around on top of each other. 

Add Levels

Drawers are a great storage solution for things you don´t need as often like charger or maybe a razor. 


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