Wedding Wednesday – my bachelorette weekend in Marienbad….

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I am already counting down the days to our wedding (we are at  23 today). It is so exciting. I am so nervous but in a good and not anxious way.

I still have a whole bunch of Wedding Wednesday posts in my draft but some of them are scheduled to be posted afterwards like my wedding make-up, the guests favors and all the other things our guests shouldn´t see before.

So today I am recaping my Bachelorette Weekend in Marienbad. Marienbad is a small place in the Czech Republic and only 1 1/2 hours to drive too (be sure to get a vignette at the gas station before crossing the border – a small sticker which allows you to use the motorway without paying a fine). It is known as a Spa and Wellness place so this sounded perfect to spend a few days there.

I went there with my three bridesmaids and we had a blast. The three days were honestly so much fun. We laughed a lot, enjoyed each others company and talked so so much which was really nice cause getting together isn´t as easy when everyone is on a different work schedule and has a partner and other commitments.

Our hotel was called Gourmet Hotel Villa Patriot. It is such a pretty building with a viewing plattform in the front where you could have breakfast or just overlook a part of the city and have a glass of bubbly. The lighting in the evening was really gorgeous and made the building look like a miniature of the white house.

The bedroom situation was awesome. We booked an apartment (usually known as a suite – never done that) with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room which was great. I really loved that we could sit together and chat without crossing the halls to get to the other rooms. Also the style was very southern with charming old furniture and high ceilings. I liked it a lot and enjoyed staying there. It was so much fun. Also the extra entrance around the main building was great so you didn´t have to walk through the lobby all the time. Super super cool. I would really recommend rooms like this when you are spending a girls weekend.
The first day was mainly for exploring the area and the surroundings. After checking in we found a Czech restaurant and since we were all hungry we sat down there. I am a lover of the bohemian cuisine from day one (since I had been in Prague for the first time). Their goulash is famous for its delicious gravy, tender meat and dumplings. Prices for food and drinks are ridiculously low. 

After our little refreshment we went back to the hotel and unpacked and sorted out our room situation.

Shortly after, we headed down to the city to explore the shops and for some coffee and also for a drug store cause I had forgotten my tooth brush. Who else would it be?!

The shopping there is really limited as people are mainly there to relax but you can find some cute stores along the way with porcelaine and leather goods and crystal glass.

We mainly went from one coffee shop to another which was so relaxing and great for watching people. For dinner on the first day we headed to a tapas restaurant called Medité. If you are ever in the area be sure to have dinner there. The food was incredible and the staff so nice and polite. I have never seen so artful and pretty tapas before and of course so so so delicious. We sat on the porch and ate our tapas and drank a glass of wine and just enjoyed the evening.

Since we didn´t have a pool but we were offered to use the pool area of another hotel which had not opened to the public yet, we gave it a try and walked over. After about ten minutes (just crossing the parc in front of the hotel and walking by at some sights). 

The pool was pretty small but it was enough for the four of us. They also had a hot tub and offered a steam bath. Everything was brand new.

After taking lots of pictures and swimming/relaxing a little we headed back for lunch and coffee.

On our way back we went through the collonnade (this building is from 1827 and the arches and windows are so beautiful). This was the main area of Marienbad in the earlier years where everybody gathered when something happened or when there was a celebration. Like a village square. Also located here is a “Singing” fountain. The fountains plays music at every odd hour. 

Walking back trough the parc we found a few booths which had incredible cool accessories. Two of us got a trendy bag/backpack (we had to walk back there and get one more the next day) and also so pretty scarves and sun hats. 

The afternoon was spent at a café since the worst thunderstorm I have seen in a while hit us while eating pancakes. Not nice at all. 

We got ready at the hotel  with a hot shower and some glasses of bubbly to feel back normal. Then we heaed out for dinner. 

So first things first. I am NOT recommending this restaurant – headed to the New York Bar Caffé . It might look very modern and nice and yes the food is good but until we got there we almost starved.
First of all they didn´t understand any language than their own. Second of all they forgot half of the stuff we ordered and not only once. Third of all they had way to many insects inside of the restaurant which made enjoying your food really hard.

After the mood dropped we wanted to have a nightcap somewhere so we found a nice little bar close to our restaurant playing the funniest/strangest live music I have ever heard but at least the mood came back and a couple of delicous drinks too. 

On the next morning we enjoyed a last breakfast and then headed home (after getting the third backpack) to our loved ones. 

It really was such a lovely weekend and I so thankful for my bridesmaids who organized it. I enjoyed talking/laughing/eating/swimming and exploring and they got along so well together wich means the world to me.

As always thanks for stopping by guys. Take care. See you.