My Amazon Buys – December…


Happy Tuesday you guys, 

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the weather is still very strange over here. Not really Winter but still freezing at night and warm during the day. Super weird and not the best for me over here. I got the cold from my husband but it lingers on for quite some time now and I can´t really take anything other than drink tea and vitamin c. So hopefully I am fine tomorrow to celebrate my birthday a little.

Since these posts have been super popular last year I am going to start again sharing my monthly amazon picks. I stopped posting these since the beginning at my pregnancy as they are a lot of work and I was so tired all the time. But now I am back (tired again but that will probably last for the next years so..) sharing my monthly amazon purchases. I also love reading these from other bloggers as there are millions of articles on amazon and everybody finds different pieces but it is also tricky cause the more cute things you see/find the more you probably want.

Bodycon dresses // I absolute adore these dresses. They are available in a short- and longsleeve version and have the perfect lenght no matter if you want to wear them to work or on the weekend. I literally got every color but the pink (my size is always sold out). They fit perfectly with the bump and the side ruching also make them super flattering if you are not pregnant as they aren not maternity. They all come with prime shipping and are under 20 Euro so I really don´t know what else you could want in a dress. Perfect to dress up or down and add any prints to it you like.

magnesium // This is the magnesium my husband uses daily and me too since I got pregnant. It has a higher concentration than usual products which means it works better than other products cause your body actually absorbs it way better since it is a magnesiumcitrate.

fondue forks // Just a random buy cause we planned on making cheese fondue for NYE and only had two forks but we ended up changing our dinner plans. The set has a great value for the amount of pieces.

Table runner // I have used this one for our Christmas table scape and decor and absolutely loved it. It is only 10 Euro but is made of great quality and looks super luxe. Maybe not the perfect piece for upcoming Spring but it is definitely worth to keep on your wishlist for next Christmas. 

table ring light // I have been getting this for my make-up table upstairs so I can photograph make-up tutorials for you with propper lighting. It is super bright and totally easy to use. I haven´t photographed anything yet but it comes with 2 adapters, one for your camera and one for your phone and also bluetooth remote.

scarf set // As I was searching for a red plaid scarf as I found this incredibel set. The scarves are big and super soft and the color combinations of both are gorgeous. I loved wearing them so far and they match with ton of my clothes. The set has prime shipping and comes in a ton of different color combos and it is only 16 Euor which is a great value for both.

bluelight glasses // I have had bluelight glasses from amazon before but found these to be super cute with the nude colored frame. They are under 20 Euro and available in over ten different colors and patterns. Also a great frame that matches many face shapes.

hair clips // A total must-have here because I often need to clip back a bunch of hair strands. 

So that´s it for my December round-up of amazon purchases. Some are super random but others are real gems. 

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My Amazon Buys – February…


Good morning guys,

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if you are a longtimer follower you have probably noticed that I love amazon. They carry everything you could ever look for in endless options and price points and so much more. So since I am frequently buying things from amazon I thought I could share my monthly amazon finds/buys cause I LOVE reading what other people get on amazon. And without further ado here we go for the month of Feburary.

Apelt table runner // This is going to be the runner for my Easter brunch table this year. I love the rich spring colors and the all the flowers so my table decor is going to be colorful and full of tulips as well. Apelt table cloths are my brand cause the quality is insane good for a very reasonable price and the motives and different styles are endless.

Makeup organizer // I got this cause it is the most hyped makeup organizer since the clear one from Styled Collection and I also like that you can adjust the size of the different compartments to the products you are taking with you. That is a great tool if you love/want to stay organized while travelling and have an overview at all time what you are bringing with you. If you are interested in a seperate blog post about the product be sure to check back next week as I am reviewing mine a lot closer on the blog.

Potatoe grater // Awesome if you are planning on making lots of dishes based on a potatoe dough. It grates perfectly and all you further have to do is to mix your potatoes with the other ingredients. Love using it and it doesn´t hurt your hands at all.

Initial necklace // Since this has been all over the place for such a long time I finally gave in and got the dupe version on amazon. It´s not that that I didn´t want it in first place but the Céline version was just too pricey and sold out too quick. I got the K and the R and

Shirataki noodles // On my hunt for carb and sugar less products (I do have a small metabolic disorder but more on that in another post) I came across these noodles and I have to admit I have never heard of them before and I have been very sceptical regarding taste, consistency and smell but I am really satisfied. If I had to compare them they would be the most similar to chinese glass noodles but with less carbs. Super easy to use for meals and not bad either. I only had the Spaghetti so far but might get other noodle shapes or rice next.

Protein cookies // I have been on the hunt for a sweet treat with practically no sugar for a long time and I finally pulled the trigger on this one. To be honest I expected THE worse but I was pleasantly surprised. They are nothig compared to real cookies in terms of flavor or softness or taste but they are totally okay. The cookie itself is pretty compact but it is chewy and it doesn´t taste to bad, also I have a feeling that it saturates pretty quickly cause I can not eat more than a half with my coffee. I don´t eat sweets everyday but sometimes I get a craving and now I can eat half a protein cookie and everything is fine. I would not recommend them if you would like to eat them on a daily base or more than one a day cause they are pricey. I had the normal chocolate flavored this time but I am going to order the white chocolate next.

Protein cereal // Also another way to save myself from eating to much sugar and carbs and it also helps me to stay full for a longer time after breakfast. 30 gr might not be a lot but it is absolutely enough.

Wilton food coloring // The best food color for cakes or frostings ever. Super pigmented and beautiful shades. Worth every cent.

Magnesium citrate // I got this for Florian because he first used normal Magnesium but it didn´t do a lot for him (always has problems with muscle cramps in his calfs áfter soccer games), but this daily supplement has been of great use.

Wow, seems like this has been a food focused month.

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Happy New Year 2019…







Happy New Year Amigos,
I am just checking in now to wish you a happy new year. I have to admit I did not make any NY resolutions this year cause when I do I have to many and mostly too high goals I can never get accomplished and then I get frustrated and sad about things I shouldn´t be in the first place.
I have decided to only improve myself a little. Eat a little healthier, spend a little more time at the gym, help a little more where help is needed and overall be a little more kind and polite and thoughtful.
Hope you have had a nice evening and wishing you just the best for the start of the new year. Be sure to check back in the evening for a beauty products round up and what I got for Christmas. 
Now I am going to finish my avocado toast and get myself ready for the day.
See you.


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