The Hawaiian Beach Dress…

Dress Land´s End


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I have been loving the Land´s End canvas handbags for years but just recently had a look at their fashion pieces. I personally think they do have some great pieces for hiking in the Fall and for everything coastal grandma related but their regular everyday Summer clothes are also super cute.

It definitely is worth to check it out plus there is always some sort of sale going on which makes you save big bucks. 

The dress itself reminds me so much of a vacation on Hawaii. The turquoise is such a vibrant and pretty ocean color and the hibiskus blossoms are the eptiome of a tropical setting.

There are tons of other prints available on the site. This makes a great vacation dress, beach cover-up or a just a nice Summer dress. It has pockets too. I got a size 40 and there is still room. 


Preppy Style – Green Stripes and Wide Leg Pants…


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I loved the whole look I wanted to wear it every day of the week but unfortunately it started snowing right after we shot this. A striped shirt or blouse is such a great Spring piece. The white stripes add a much needed freshness to the whole look. I also always try to pick up the white color and use it for other pieces of clothing or accessories as well. 

All of the elements of this look are super trendy right now. The wide leg pants, the white platform sneakers, the striped shirt and the cable knit cardigan.

This truly is a modern look to mom in, run errands or even head to brunch. Cute and comfortable is the key here.


Christmas Day Breakfast – Monkey Bread…


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There is something so special about Christmas morning. Everyone is in their Christmas pj´s awaiting the delicious smelling breakfast from the kitchen to start into the day with lots of excitement and for the children the most important – presents. 

I love breakfast. It will be forever my favorite meal of the day and while I have made a breakfast bord in the past there isn´t nearly as much time left to do so with two small children. So monkey bread it will be.

Super easy, super delicious and a hit with small children as well as adults. It is the recipe with the least effort.


– Sunday rolls dough (I take two with 6 rolls each)

– 1 1/2 cup of sugar

– 2 teaspoons of cinnamon 

– 1 stick of butter

– cut each roll up in 6 pieces / toss into a bowl / add 1 cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and swirl around until everything is covered / put into the baking pan / 

– melt butter with the rest of the sugar and cinnamon / pour into baking dish over the dough

– bake for 1/2 hour on 180 °

– let is cool down before you flip it onto a plate



Easy Breezy Summer Dress…


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This dress is usually way out of my comfort zone but to be honest I loved it so much – the silhouette, the print and the cute spaghetti straps I had to keep it and to be honest it looked really cute. Maybe not from the side but have I thought being 37 weeks pregnant !!!

Normally I don´t wear black in the Summer but the polka dot print was just so much fun and also the dress is super easy breezy which makes it the perfect companion on hot days or if you are pregnant.