A new round of beauty finds + what I got for Christmas…


Good evening guys,
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it is New Years Eve and I am so happy to share another round of beauty finds including my Christmas gifts. Need to keep myself busy otherwise time is standing still. 
I always enjoy wandering through the drug stores or browsing through the online stores a lot to find out what´s new and what could possibly be a hidden beauty gem. So let´s get this started (you can view my last update here).
Invisibobble Scrunchies // Loved them before and love them even more now that they come in fashionable and super soft velvet scrunchies.

NYX #nofilter Primer // This is by far the best primer I have ever used. It makes your skin look flawless and also evens out everything. Just awesome. I got this during the Black Friday sales and going to get this again.

T3 Whirl Trio // This was a Christmas gift from my husband. I wanted the T3 curling wand set for such a long time and gave several hints over the last months and I got them. I have tried two of the three barrels so far and I love it. I heats up super fast. Makes beautiful bouncy curls and the white and rose gold coloring of the tool doesn´t hurt either. I know it is definitely expensive but in my opinion worth it. Have used it about ten times since Christmas.

Charlotte Tilbury Party Girl Kit // I got this from Sephora during our Leipzig trip. I only wanted the Pillow Talk liner and lipstick in the full size but they had been sold out in stores and online so the girl at the Sephora counter found this set including both of them in the mini version (it was the last one) and I immediately got it. The set includes the mini lip duo, a mascara, a black eye liner and a copper eyeshadow pencil. I have used the lip duo, the mascara and the eye liner so far and loved every one of them. The mascara has a nice brush and makes long and thick lashes and the lip duo has the most beautiful shade ever. I am all for color but this might be my new favorite.

NYX Metallic Eyeliner in color 02 silver // I have to admit I am not good at applying black eyeliner precisely so I opted for a silve one. It isn´t too bad if you smudge a little it won´t show and still looks great for day and also for night.

Kerastase Resistance shampoo // I got this in the miniature version a few weeks ago including a hair mask and a protection balm for your hair and this has been by far my favorite shampoo. I have never had more soft and healthy looking hair than with this line. And the smell is amazing too. I am using another shampoo at the moment but definitely are going to get this one a second time. 

Sephora Pomegranate eye mask // I recently discovered eye mask and from time to time I like to use one, especially in the cold winter time. Dry skin doesn´t look good and dry skin under your eyes are even worse.

Bvlgari Rose Goldea perfume // This is my second Christmas gift I have hinted for a lot. The first time I heard about the fragrance was on the airport on our way back from our honeymoon. A sales woman gave me a paper stick with the scent on it and I loved it right away so I gave it to my husband to keep it and he put it into his wallet and was remined by the scent everday and guys it worked, I got it. It also has the most beautiful little bottle I have ever seen. Rose gold and sparkly pink!!! How pretty.

L.O.V The Glowrious deep metallic highlighting palette // I got this gorgeous palette at the Bunte Beauty days before it actually launched in stores and I have used it a ton since then but it looks almost brand new so this definitely is worth its money (it is about 16 Euro). If your make up consists plenty of rose shades this is definitely one for you.

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in color Lover // This is the second superstay matte ink I got. The first color I have ever got is really dark and nothing for everyday but I was impressed with the stay. I had it on until I showered and after it still looked brand new. It really is not moving at all (super bad for quick removing but really good for long days or dinners). 

Maybelline Color Sensational lipliner in color 56 Almond Rose // The lipliner was supposed to match perfectly with the Matte Ink (they came in a set) but I think it is way to dark for the other color. The pink itself is very beautiful but not in combination. I used MAC Soar with the color above.

Bean Body Coffee Scrub Coconut // First of all I loved the idea of a coffee scrub and the smell is amazing but this has been the messiest my shower has ever looked. The coffee powder was everywhere and honestly the brown water wasn´t quite as nice either. I had to clean the entire shower after so this is definitely a fail for me and I tossed it after using it once.

Rexona deo creme stick // Don´t get me wrong. I love their products and been using it for years and this really was a coincidence but that is how I found out about this. I have been using the roll-on for a long time now and I love the feel and the protection and the smell. So I ran out of my deodorant the evening before we left for Leipzig and I needed a new one so I quickly went into the store and didn´t even take a quick look I just got the product (comes in a little box with the name on it) and left. The next day I recognized I got the wrong one and thought it wouldn´t be too bad but believe me this is a total mess applying. The creme doesn´t come out or a lot of it comes out which makes it impossible to apply and you probably (like I did) get it all over your clothing. So I recommend their maximum protection roll-on but never would recommend the deo creme.

Wohoo. That has been such a long post but I really tried out a lot of new things and wanted to give you the best possible review. Stay tuned for another one coming soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Happy New Year 2019…


Happy New Year Amigos,

I am just checking in now to wish you a happy new year. I have to admit I did not make any NY resolutions this year cause when I do I have to many and mostly too high goals I can never get accomplished and then I get frustrated and sad about things I shouldn´t be in the first place.

I have decided to only improve myself a little. Eat a little healthier, spend a little more time at the gym, help a little more where help is needed and overall be a little more kind and polite and thoughtful.

Hope you have had a nice evening and wishing you just the best for the start of the new year. Be sure to check back in the evening for a beauty products round up and what I got for Christmas. 

Now I am going to finish my avocado toast and get myself ready for the day.

See you.

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How to wear a velvet dress + my guide to shop at SheIn…

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Velvet dresses didn´t get me as excited as the rest of the fashion crowd when they came out and I wasn´t into them right away. I first thought that is such a grandma material and not flattering at all but I am sure open to be taught a better one. And I was. My first velvet piece was a gorgeous blush t-shirt I have worn so many times the last winter and spring that I can not count it. So the styling of more velvet pieces followed. I got a gold studded blazer jacket, a burnt orange skirt and this beautiful dark blue midi dress. I ordered it from SheIn and it came in time and was made of good quality and great color. Definitely gonna wear this on one of the Holidays. 
I paired it with all gold accessoires and a nude faux fur jacket but it would be also really pretty if paired with silver heels and accessoires.

So let´s move on to the next topic I get several question about. Ordering pieces from the SheIn online shop. I know some of you don´t trust the shop or have read lots of bad comments or reviews but I have to say (and this post is in no way sponsored, just wanted to share my experience with you) I have never gotten one bad piece where I thought this has to go into the trash can right away. I never had a lost or forgotten order and customer service is really fast.

How is the quality? // It depends on what you get but I have to say mostly good. I really never had such a bad piece I couldn´t wear. The skirt and dresses I ordered had been lined so far. There was never a seam that opened right away or was already open. Also the sequins on differnt items are sewed on very well.

How are the prices? // I think they range from very affordable (you could say cheap as well but I really don´t like the negativity of the word) to normal. You cant get a blouse from 8 to 15 € and coats from 20 to 60 €. They also offer daily flash sales including a wide range of products and almost always discount codes to save money.
How long takes shipping? // It depends on the season. They are really busy around every holiday so be sure to place your order early
How is sizing? // Sizing can be really tricky so I wouldn´t give to much of the size comparisons they have. ALWAYS meassure. I do this everytime (had a piece that was way too small on my first order) and I have never had one that didn´t fit again. Be sure that you don´t meassure to tight. One or two centimetres don´t impair the fight or the silhouette but it can give you a little more freedom of movement. 
How can I pay? // So this one is the easiest question of all. You can pay with any credit card and if you don´t have one you can pay through Paypal but you always have to pay upfront. 

What else do they offer? // You can get rewards in form of points by confirming the arrival of the package and also by uploading and posting a styled picture with one of your bought articles and I think you also get points by reviewing pieces. 

I hope this helps a little to get rid of your concerns about bad comments. If you are still not sure about it why not order one simple piece and see if you like it.

Here are some of the pieces I got lately and loved a lot:

– olive pearl ruffled sweater
– leopard sequin pencil skirt
– 60´s inspired tie-neck sweater
– pink corderoy blazer jacket
– clear wooden handle bag
–  neon pink turtleneck sweater
– fringe hem striped poncho sweater
– white eyelet blouse
– scalloped hem t-shirt (so many pretty colors available)
– sequin cami dress

And now have fun shopping. 

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Casual Saturday #37…

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Oh boy, the month of December is almost over and we did so much and are still not done but I think I am rounding up a little of the last month of the year before all the New Years reflections start to roll in.

December always is the busiest month over here. From decoration to Christmas shopping to attending and hosting holiday parties there is a little time left to visit advent markets or go on a Christmas themed dinner cruise.
So let´s see if I can remember the whole month:
Our annual holiday party has been on the last day of November. Celebrating the Christmas time with our close friends is always something I look forward too cause it is so much joy and fun laughing and talking together. View our tablescape here.
The Line Dance Christmas party has been on a usual training day which means it was on a Monday evening but that was alright with me since we always train on those nights. So it has been lots of dancing plus food.
Florian´s grandmas birthday is on the 5th of December so family is always coming together there for spending the afernoon or evening together.
The next dinner party we celebrated was actual Christmas Eve at Florian´s parents house. We always exchange presents, head to church and have lasagna afterwards followed by chatting way past midnight.
Family Christmas dinner is always at our house at the first holiday. I cook a four course menu and everyone can enjoy themselves while eating and chatting and drinking fine wine. Here is my table decor for this feast, fashionable in pink, black and gold.
 For some reason we skipped our December travels last year but we are back on track this year visiting the huge and phenomenal advent market in Leipzig and also took a look at their landmarks during the three days we stayed there. We found a shopping centre that´s like a mini version of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele from Milan called Mädler Passage.
The whole city is decorated with lights and garlands and it is just such a festive atmosphere. Be sure to check out my Leipzig travel guide coming very soon.
 The only real dinner we had this month (besides homecooked food) was a 4-course dinner cruise we participated. The interior is fully made of glass and Swarovski crystals and was overall super sparkly and christmassy. I have to admit I have never been on a dinner cruise before and I was a little nervous. View the post including pictures of our dinner cruise here.

If you are in the German area be sure to check out the advents markets. Every city has one and the food they sell couldn´t be more different. From tartes to roasted almonds to different sausages to gingerbreads and pastries is a thing for two for everyone.
The H&M after Christmas sale is my most favortie sale of the whole year. So many pieces which just got into stores are discounted pretty high online on the days between Christmas and NYE. Be sure to check out their page.
 To say I didin´t shop for myself would be a lie but about 90% of all my shopping this month has been Christmas related. Whether it was decor or presents. But I got a few things for myself while in Leipzig at Sephora and the Zalando Outlet Store. 

Besides all the Christmas movies there hasn´t been anything new I have watched on Netflix but we are going to see the new Mary Poppins Returns movie in the cinema tonight.
Thanks for staying with me until the end. This has been a long review but it also has been a long month. Now I am planning on new content and new post ideas and also have to finish painting our bedroom. 

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