How I decorated our Christmas tree + tips for a versatile decor…


Hello my Christmas loving friends,
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my tree has been up for about two weeks now (usually I didn´t want to set it up before the last week of November but I just can´help it) and I am loving it more every second I look at it.

We went a little aside from traditional this year and got a fashionable tree including pink, blush and black ornaments. To be honest I had most of the ornametns for years now and didn´t like them against the backdrop of a complete green tree cause the black got really lost but now we have a flocked white tree which make it stand right out and look so beautiful.

Since I love to decorate with different ornaments and also got a whole bunch of different ones I am breaking it down below for you.

Classic ornaments:
The pink, blush and black ornaments are our classic shaped ornaments on the tree. I got them in a medium and large size to mix and match as I like. I like different size ornaments a lot, also matte and glossy are great to get add texture and deepth to your tree.

Funny ornaments:
I consider a dougnut or a pink flamingo with a hat as a funny ornament. They really make the tree look special. We also had some funny ornaments last year like a soccer ball, some owls and a pair of silver high heels. 

Monogrammed ornaments:
I actually stumbled across these as I was on the search for some pink ornaments and immediately loved them. Who wouldn´t want to have a monogrammed ornament on his tree. Never seen them in one of my favorite store before but so pretty. I also love the retro font of the letter and the bow on top of it. Got them from Nanu Nana (only in stores).

I decided to to with a black garland rather than a pink one because first of all I could´t find the matching shade and second of all I didn´t wanted to create a pink overload so I went with this dark grey/black metallic shimmery garland. I cut it into short pieces to drape it around several branches. In my opinion I think it turned out very nice and is another way to decorate your tree.
I didn´t do any ribbons this year. First of all I couldn´t find any I liked or matched the color theme and second of all I was pretty satisfied with my metallic shining garland. But I had silver ribbons on last years tree and no garlands so I guess the fun lies in the difference (view the post here). 

Overal I think unusual and various ornaments are the key to set oneself apart from other trees. It doesn´t matter if you have a color theme or just decorate with ornaments you got over the years or all the favorites you found in a store. In the end it only counts if you love your tree and it makes your home feel cozy and festive. 

Do you have a color theme to decorate with or do you mix and match as you like? 
I would love to know.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
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