How to style the Retro Sweater Trend with Camouflage Pants…

sweater Mango / pumps Buffalo sold out similar here and here / camouflage pants Primark similarh here and here / handbag Mario Valentino old similar here and here / lipstick MAC Red 


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Hello my fashion loving and spring awaiting friends. I am sharing a quite untypical look on the blog today. A pants / pullover combo. First of all I want to speak about this beautiful retro sweater. I love the color blocking and the different textures in the sweater. I has such a retro vibe and that is awesome as I love the vintage mood in a look.

The pants were a steal I got from Primark (only 5 Euros). The cut is awesome and so flattering for you thighs but you have to wear high heels otherwise it will shorten you.

The camouflage print is still super trendy this year so be sure to grab your piece whether it is a jacket a pullover, a skirt or a pair of pants.

Since I love read so much I combined lots of pops of red to the look like the pumps and the lipstick. You could also add a cadett cap and a red bag if you want to go all in.

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Last Winter Style // Plaid scarf + plenty of red…

plaid scarf Fraas sold out similar here and here / leggings old similar here and here / boots Graceland similar here and here / white coat H&M similar here and here / belt Asos sold out similar here and here / handbag Michael Kors


Good morning you guys,

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it is finally here. My last winter look!! I didn´t think the day would come but here we are. Now all the signs and especially my wardorbe is pointing towards spring. We had the best weather yesterday. Sunny, no wind and so warm. Chloe played outside and was practically living her best live. Obviously there is so much to sniff when the snow is gone.

This look was one of my favorite the whole winter. Probably of the winter white hues or the pops of red or overall cause it looked very chic while being very comfy. Belting a blazer jacket or a thin coat adds such a cool vibe to a look by creating the perfect waistline and also tuning the blazer jacket down a little bit. Whether you wear it belted with a comfy scarf or with a statement necklace you are sure to have the perfect modern and sophisticated look. And of course lots of pops of red don´t hurt either.

I have so many cute looks planned for spring so be sure to check back. Lots of lighter materials, popping colors and new trends which are coming our ways. 

Hopefully your Monday isn´t too bad. Afterall the sun is shining here and the rest of the snow is finally melting. My cough is still bad so I am not quite sure if I can go line dancing tonight. Really miss it though and hoping for the best.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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