For the First Time In Four-Ever – Emilia´s Frozen Fourth Birthday Party…


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I have finally come around to recap o little girl´s fourth birthday party. It was a really nice one and she has picked the theme all by herself. While it has been a mermaid birthday party for months she changed to Elsa last minute and I was not mad about it. There are oh so many things you can get for a Frozen inpsired kids birthday party. Made it super easy for me to put it together.

Color Theme

I would say that the color theme for a Frozen birthday party is pretty easy to choose – we used different shades of icy blue, silver and white. Some balloon kits also had purple but I wasn´t going to take these cause I wanted it to look as frosty as possible.

Our Cake

We had a pretty simple cake this time (at least shapewise). It had eight layers colorblocking blue from light to dark on the inside and was filled with vanilla buttercream inbetween. The outside also has been vanilla buttercream in the prettiest icy shades topped with silver and blue sprinkles and shiny fondant snowflakes. The figurines on top as well as the four was put on the cake by ourselves. I really loved this cake and Emilia was so smitten by it. It tasted great and everyone loved it (we always get the big theme cake for our family birthday celebration).


As far as decoration goes I will always love a balloon arch. It is an easy and inexpensive way to add a real centerpiece to your party decor. Another thing i had been very proud of finding was the background. It has been a picutre out of the first Frozen movie. The place where they have found Olaf and everything was frozen really pretty. I have loved this as background. The perfect piece to round up the wall decor. 

For table decor I had a silver velvet tablecloth to add some ice and snow flair and topped it with a sheer baby blue snow flake table runner. I really loved all the vibes it gave and how great it matched.

Kids Activities

In my opinion kids at this age are fairly easy to entertain cause they still like a lot of things and nothing is uncool. One thing that works great and is loved by everyone are tattoos. I have had them for our Halloween party and they where a huge hit. Another great activity is to choose some easy games and let them win stuff for some time. I have gotten sweets and small toys and the kids loved winning things. 

Adult´s Table

I think this was the prettiest adult table I have made so far. It really looked like it was out of one of the many rooms from Arendale castle. I kept it pretty with candles, a table runner and a blue centerpiece with baby´s breath and added some snowflakes on the table as well as onto the lamps for a little extra.


Party Favors

I have loved our party favors this year. I have found tons of Elsa related party favors for the bags this year like pens with Anna and Elsa on them, snowflake hair clips, snowflake sticker, wristbands with Winter themes, a cool penguin game and of course bubbles. 

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Kids Table

I always get paper plates and plastic table cloth for the kids table cause when they are done eating I just throw everything away and have one less thing I don´t need to worry about cleaning. I was pretty lucky this time around cause I have found all the perfect table decor things with Anna and Elsa for a fraction of the cost at a local supermarket.