Wedding Wednesday – how to ask your best man and what to put in his box….

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is Wednesday today so I am checking back with another Wedding
Wednesday post – I might as well say today is a little different
compared to my other posts. 

the bride is pretty special and really important at a wedding there
wouldn´t be a bride at all it there existed a matching groom. 

I am gong to give the word to my fiancé Florian today and he is
going to tell you how to ask your best man and what to put in his box
to make him speechless.


this is Florian talking. I was asked to write a guest post for one of
the more manly themes regarding a wedding. There aren´t too many
things a man needs for the wedding. But these few things are very

you need to find the perfect girl – check,
you need to find the right clothes for the wedding – check.
it’s also very important to have your best man standing by your side
for a wedding. This was a really easy decision for me. I chose my

? That is pretty easy to explain.
have always had a special connection and enjoyed spending time
together. Not only is he my dad, most of the time he is more like a
best friend to me. We are sharing our passion for soccer, which means
we can talk about it all day long just ask Katie she knows. Also we
both are children at heart and make jokes at every possibility. My
dad and I don´t take life too serious but we are there for each
other when situations require it. So it is just natural I want him to
be my best man and spend this important day close by my side.
I saw how happy my dad was about the bridesmaid’s box my sister got I
knew that I had to give him something similar.
by the cute boxes of Katie, I went for a gift box including a scratch
card. When you scratch the dots on the card, you see the words
„willst du mein Trauzeuge sein?“ which means „do you want to be
my best man?“. Above the scratchable dots there is a bow tie and my
dad´s name.
packaging I chose a big grey box and wrapped a bow tie around it.
the box are several gifts. First a really beautiful button down with
a matching handkerchief. I knew he loves the brand and the shirts
they make so this was easy
my dad likes to sip a good old glas of whiskey I added some
neccessities to enjoy the drink. I also got him a fancy shaped glass
engraved with his new title – best man – and stones to keep his
whiskey cold. Of course the whiskey itself shouldn´t be missed and
let´s be honest how cute is the suit with the matching hat on top.
but not least chocolate, of course. My dad really
loves loves loves is
addicted to chocolate and couldn´t live without it, chocolate has to
be included in all of his gifts. So this bar is totally different
compared to ordinary chocolate. The chambers are filled with Jack
Daniels Tennesse Whiskey so there are two things the enjoys in one.
would have been many other items I could have included into his box
but I decided to go for his absolute favortites.
really loves his box and stores it at a place in the living room
where he can always see it.


you for sharing your thoughts and ideas on how to ask your best man.
I hope you could collect some inspiration. Maybe you this could be helpful for any future finacés.

Be sure to check back next week for a DIY on wedding table decor. 

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.