Home Make-Over – our Statement Entryway…

shelf Vittsjö Ikea / tripod Ikea / lampshade Ikea / lanterns Ikea / rug bonprix / mirror similar here and here / Chanel book amazon / yellow book from a local store similar here / black vases Ikea similar here / golden cactus Nanu Nana similar here and here / key bowl Nanu Nana similar here and here / fake plant and planter Ikea


Good morning my sweet friends,

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I am so happy about today´s blog post cause I am finally starting my my new home series. I have been showing all the rooms after we moved in about three years ago but now I came around to figure out what I want to do with each room and how it should look for the next couple years. There are still some tiny things to fix/do and also two rooms that aren´t quite ready yet but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The entryway has always bothered me a little since it is the first real room you can see after walking into the house and it should be eye catching but also timeless and classic and stylish. I haven´t even gotten a picture of our entry when we first moved in cause it looked so ugly (the walls needed to be painted so badly, there were no baseboards and the sideboard the owner left was hiddeous) but I tried my best and you can see my first attempt of making it look nicer in this post.

But sometimes better ideas come along our way or let´s just be honest I needed the console table in the living room so I was searching for a new option and my first try always leads me to Ikea (where I am usually never dissapointed and I wasn´t).

I got the Vittsjö shelf from Ikea in white and it looked really good in my entryway (I had planned it to go somewhere else in the first place but I didn´t like it at all so I changed pieces and voilá) matching all the other pieces of furniture and light fuxtures. The mirror has been replaced by this vintage looking one. I got it from a small store but I will link some similar options below. The rug and the tripod lamp were the only two pieces that stayed. The rug itself is from bonprix, a german retailer, but I might also find some similar options. I really love that it looks used like an old piece of luggage so it totally fits the theme here.

The tripod lamp is such a great addition to the entryway (and would probably be to any room but it needs space) cause it looks so artsy and cool. The lampshade and the tripod are sold separate so you could also use it as a hanging light fixture if you like. Both are from Ikea and as far as I know still available.

Other rooms I am planning on posting in the next couple weeks are our tiny powder bath, our kitchen and our master bath. Also I hope our master bedroom is going to be ready decorated soon.

Have a look at the HOUSE category on the blog for more inspiration and as always thanks for stopping by.