The 3 Summer Nail Polish Colors you should try….


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Summer is the most colorful season of all and while I am embracing it to its fullest I understand that incorporating lots of color is not everybodies cup of tea. So how about starting small and adding some color to your nails. It makes them pop even more when you stick to wearing neutrals. I recently read an article that shared the top three Summer nail polish colors – hot pink, orange and blue. To be honest those three are right up my alley and I love them equally so it will be really hard choosing a favorite. Probably gonna rotate all Summer long. 

I bought all three of them from Essie cause they have such a huge selection that I knew this brand would carry all three of them. I got Watermelon (hot pink), Meet me at sunset (orange) and Aruba Blue. 

Essie Watermelon


Essie Aruba Blue


Meet me at sunset


I am currently wearing Aruba Blue and can´t decide which one will be next… Which one is your favorite??



10+ Cute Spring Nail Art Ideas…


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I love colorful nails. Always have, always will. I have had gel nails since our wedding three years ago and still love the bold and deep colors all year long. I am wearing very few neutrals throughout the year and when I do I like them a lot but get tired very fast.

Some of my favorites for the past couple years have been red (of course), orange, chocolate brown, navy blue, black, white, mauve and a light gray.

So with Spring approaching I surfed the web to find some Spring nail inspo not only for my next appointment but also for you guys. 

10 + Cute Spring Nail Ideas