Monthly Five – Amazon Beauty and Make-Up Products #2…


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Revlon Professional Equave Detangling Conditioner // This one has become my go-to leave in conditioner. It works within seconds and makes your hair super easy to comb. Especially great if you have wavy hair or loosing a lot at the moment due to postpartum hair loss like me.

Physician´s Formula Primer // I tried this one because it has great reviews and I am on the lookout for another primer I would love but this one isn´t it. The smell is amazing and it is creamy and super easy to apply but it is not working for me. The pores seems to appear smaller or smoother but it doesn´t help my skin to stay matte at all. It gets shiny within hours after applying and I do not like a glowing / sweating look on my face. The Benefit Poreless primer is still my number one.

Emeda False Lashes // I bought this whole 10 pair pack of lashes for 10 Euro from amazon and was very impressed with the quality. The silicone band is clear and soft just how I like it. The ends stick out a little but you can cut them easily on both sides and then you have a perfect pair of false lashes. The brand offers different styles but I think I am going to stick with these. They are the perfect everyday piece for me.

CeraVe Face Wash // Was on the hunt for a new face wash and have seen this in some other bloggers cart so I wanted to give it a try. I was a little intimidated by the price first but to be honest it is huge and I now have it for about a year and there is still plenty left. It is designed for oily skin and to remove tallow and dead skin cells. For me it works great. Doesn´t smell bad and the most important thing – it isn´t drying out my skin. Cause if there is one thing I hate it is itchy skin!!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion // The hyped to the sky magical drying lotion. What other can I say about it than that it really helps. It does not make your pimple or acne zyst magically disapear but in my opinion it speeds up the process and shortens it about 2 or 3 days. 


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Monthly Five – Amazon Beauty and Make-Up Products #1….


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Welcome to my new series – Monthly Five !! I am going to share five beauty and make-up products I have tried the last couple of years from amazon on a monthly basis. There are new things I loved and also staples I have been using for years and can´t stop getting. 

So for today I wanted to share my first montly series with five things I have tested long enough and love to us. 

Maybelline Sky High Mascara // Definitely a great find under 10 Euro. It is buildable which means you can get pretty long lashes. A little upside down is that the lower lashes loose black crumbs from time to time but all in all a good item.

Airspun Loose Face Powder // A staple of mine I have been using for years and repurchasing at every event like Black Friday or amazon prime day. It is mattifying and long lasting and always works for me not matter the season but to be honest I don´t get very tan.

Sante Nail Oil // I have been on the hunt for an affordable and also nice smelling nail oil for ages and this one is perfect. Smell is very nice, it costs under 10 Euro and last super long.

Revlon Oil Control On-The-Go // The sustained version of the blotting paper. The little roller ball is made of some sort of lava stone and absorbs all the oil of your shiny face regions. It works great and is washable and reusable.

Hydro Silk Touch Up Face Shaver // Let me warn you that they are super sharp. I have cut myself more than once but for the price they are the best I have tried cause they will stay sharp a long time. There are definitely cheaper ones but I am gonna stick with them.


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Skincare Routine – Summer Mornings…


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The only constant is change which is very true and couldn´t be more fitting in terms of skincare. Not only do we switch from night to day but we switch as well as we get older and also seasonal. So there are plenty of things you probably have in your skin care cabinett but the core pieces might still stay the same. At least mine do cause when I have found a tried and true item I usually stick to it no matter what.

I wanted to share my Summer skincare morning routine with you. It is a little different from my Winter routine and a lot different from my nighttime routine.

So I am sharing what I use and in which order I am using it:

Neutrogena Deep Clean Face Scrub //  You often read that a scrub should only be used once or twice a week but my beautician said I can get a fine-grained prodcut and use it every morning to remove dead skin cells and oily residues from my face. I feels very resfreshed after using it and love the feel it leaves on my skin.

Clerasil Toner // This has been a staple of mine for a long time. I think the salicyd acid it contains keeps my skin clearer.

Pixi Vitamin C Serum // A vitamin c serum is definitely a staple in my skincare routine and stays no matter the season.

Eye Cream // I have started using eye cream in the middle of my twenties and I think it is very important you do too. The skin in the area around your eyes is very thin and can get dry quickly which brings lots of problems like fine lines or wrinkles. An eye cream helps to prevent or stall these wrinkles coming in.

Kiehl`s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense // A face cream with a high SPF like 50 should absolutely be your staple in the Summer month. I have been using this for years every Summer and I am very satisfied. It isn´t sticky, blends in well with my foundation and a little goes a long way.

Elf Beauty Shield // On days were I am only wearing little make-up I am using the elf beauty shield. It is a tinted moisturizer also with a high SPF (there isn´t too much SPF) and it is totally fine for Summer days. I will add some powder on top and then I am good to go.

Mario Badescu Face Spray Cucumber, Lavender // This is my favorite face mist of the three options. I just love a good lavender scent. It is calming and more important cooling and I like to use it throughout very hot days. 

Annemarie Börlind Eye Patches // I have read about these in a study and these have been one of the winners so I got them and they are amazing. Very hydrating and without a strange smell. I use them as often I think about them (mom brain !!).

Do you change you routine from time to time?? Are there any core products you love ??

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The 3 Summer Nail Polish Colors you should try….


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Summer is the most colorful season of all and while I am embracing it to its fullest I understand that incorporating lots of color is not everybodies cup of tea. So how about starting small and adding some color to your nails. It makes them pop even more when you stick to wearing neutrals. I recently read an article that shared the top three Summer nail polish colors – hot pink, orange and blue. To be honest those three are right up my alley and I love them equally so it will be really hard choosing a favorite. Probably gonna rotate all Summer long. 

I bought all three of them from Essie cause they have such a huge selection that I knew this brand would carry all three of them. I got Watermelon (hot pink), Meet me at sunset (orange) and Aruba Blue. 

Essie Watermelon


Essie Aruba Blue


Meet me at sunset


I am currently wearing Aruba Blue and can´t decide which one will be next… Which one is your favorite??


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