A Full Face of Catrice – Holiday Edition….


Happy Christmas Eve Eve,

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wow I can´t believe Christmas is tomorrow and I am actually done wrapping everything and decorating and meal planing plus shopping for groceries as well as setting the table and prepping our outfits. Yes it has been a whirlwind of a week but it was so worth it. I just can´t wait for tomorrow and see Emilia unwrapping all her presents and understanding a little more than last year.

Anyways let´s have a look at this cute, simple and super affordable holiday look. It might have been over half a year that I have done a “Full Face of…” post so I am definitely a little ashamed but hey better late than never am I right ??

Overall Catrice is a very popular drug store make-up brand with products ranking from 2 to 10 Euro which in my opinon is super affordable. 

I have used some of the products I am sharing with you today for years and always get back-ups so I would definitely recommend some. 

A Full Face of Catrice – Holiday Editon


Goodbye Pores Primer // Great concealer for a small price. Good coverage doesn´t sit in the crease. 

True Skin High Coverage Concealer

HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 

HD Baking & Setting Loose Powder

Sun Lover Bronzing Powder

High Mineral Glow Highlitghter 

5 in a Box Mini Eyeshadow Palette

Slim´matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil

All Round Mascara

Matt Ink Pro Liquid Lipstick

HD Active Performance Freezing Spray

I always forget how many products a full face of make-up requires. Since this is my last post regarding Christmas for this year and I am taking a break for a few days I wanted to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, happy days filled with family, lots of laughter and good food. This year definitely didn´t make it easy to look forward to things but in the end all that matters is health and family anyways. See you soon.



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Best Hair Dryer and possible Last Minute Gift…






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Let´s be honest who likes to dry their hair ? This is such an unnecessary task in my opinion so I often let it air dry and am very unhappy the next morning because it looks very frizzy and I feel like a scarecrow.

So about two years ago I found this hair dryer brush on amazon. That was the time when the Revlon one popped up everywhere but it was not available in Germany so I got this close one and I loved it ever since. 

I divide my hair into sections and it dries pretty fast. Also another thing I wanted to admit is that I still only dry my hair if I don´t have time to curl it the next day but it is now less of a chore for me.


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The Benefits of a Silk Pillow Case…


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I recently got a silk pillow case for myself because I was looking at some sites how I could take better care of my hair and make it look more shiny and healthy and one thing I have read over and over again was to try a silk pillow case. So in my amazon cart it went.

I had mine for about two or three months now and thought I share my thoughts with you. 

Benefits of a Silk Pillow Case

– prevents your hair from getting dry and frizzy from all the tossing and turning at night

– shortens the drying time of your hair if you are going to bed with damp hair

– in my experience straight hair stays longer straight than on a normal pillow case which I think is a really great factor

– it is super cooling in the Summer months

– skin care products stay longer on your skin because silk is a non absorbent material

And of course there are a few small down sides too:

– silk pillow cases cost way more than your average cotton or jersey pillow case

– they need to be handwashed or washed in a gentle cycle with a with a special laundry detergent

I love my silk pillow case and will keep it for as long as possible. And Emilia also loves to sleep on it. I would say it has definitely helped with a super dry area of hair on the back of my head so that alone is the main reason for me to keep using it.

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Fall Nail Polish Colors…


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I just love everything about Fall – the food, the colors, the decor, the clothing and I also know you might be tired of me hearing this but it´s just the best season of all.

So since I go all in for Fall how about some cute Fall Nail Polish colors I have found!!! I think I have your attention now.

Fall Nail Polish I am loving 

Dark Blue // I love dark nail polish colors, not only for Fall but somehow a pretty dark blue shade fits right into the season. – essence shine last & go 72 into the unknown

Mauve // Since blush and pink are way to summery colors I love a rich and deep mauve shade for Fall nails. – Maybelline Color Show Blush Berry 20

Nude // It is an evergreen and a color many of you love and pick each season so I weanted to share this cause it still might be number one on the list of most famous nail polish colors. – 

Olive Green // This beautiful shade of green has been on the side lines for too long and clearly has made its comeback . I love how it looks and it matches more colors than I thought. – Trend It Up

Metallic Gray // Such a cool and sophisticated color that will work now and also for Christmas through New Years. – essie expressie what the tech? 365


Which color is your favorite?

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