Tacco Bar and Happy Birthday to my soon to-be husband – mexican fiesta birthday party theme…

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Hi guys, 
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Tuesday two days ago marked the 4th of September which means we were celebrating my soon to be husband´s birthday. 

It was a special birthday, not the number, but the last one without a
“wife”. We are getting married next week and I am so looking forward to
it. Can´t wait to be married to this awesome man I love so much and
spend the rest of our lives together hopping from one adventure to
another or even sitting on the sofa watching one Netflix series after

I am wishing him again a great year of 28 (we celebrated with
family and friends over at our house). He really enjoyed his party and had a great night.

I am quite sure by now you have recognized our party theme. I wanted to go with a Mexican Fiesta theme and have a tacco bar. A tacco bar is like a buffet but only is stocked with foods that go perfectly into and with your tacco.

I really love Mexican food and everyone else loved it too. The guacamole and the salsa was homemade by me (you can view the salsa recipe here and the guacamole contained avocado, garlic, cream cheese and salt and pepper). I also offered red peppers, green jalapenos, tomatoes, scallions, salad, corn, kidney beans, two kinds of cheese and chicken and minced meat spiced with tacco seasoning from Fuego. The tacco shells where from the same brand and totally fine. I got them from amazon with lots of other practical stuff like the tacco shell holder to present them properly and also a warmer with two oven dishes to keep the meat warm and enjoyable. 

For dessert I planned on making a fruit salad and of course Florian´s birthday cake. Also my mom made rum balls from the leftover dough. I used half a melon as fruit bowl which is always cool and guests love that. The rum balls fit perfectly on the etagere and looked so pretty in their colorful chocolate papers. For the birthday cake I had this cake as a model. It isn´t the same but wasn´t bad either and in the end I decided to go with cream cheese frosting rather than with fondant. I added the wooden number to the cake which gave it extra stability and little sugar cacti.

Most of the party supply I am using is from Pink Dots Party Store or from amazon. The variety can not be found anywhere else.

There are so many themes to choose from and I think I have some pretty good ideas for a Halloween party. Stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you. 


Step by step party planning with Paperless Post….


Hello friends and happy Friday,
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I love entertaining. Really love it so I am constantly searching an ocassion for hosting a party or a get together. Not so hard since there are many holidays throughout the year and many more possibilities for hosting a party. So for today´s post I decided to share a birthday table.

Set a date, an ocassion and a party theme:
I picked Florian´s birthday party which is in September. We also had a celebration for him last year but I wanted to follow a real party theme this year.

Pick an Invitation:
Paperless Post has so so so many different invitations for all kinds of parties, showers and even weddings. For our Mexican Fiesta theme I picked the Fiesta Frame invitation and started to customize it. Totally love the baby blue lines on the yellow backdrop. To make the yellow pop I went with a navy blue background. And aren´t the little glasses with the limes and the umbrella really make it work.

Another reason these paperless invitations are great is that they are only sent out online so you save paper and money on buying stamps and evelopes.

So for our Mexcian theme I got these little sombreros, matching napkins, a wooden cactus garland, some colorful pompoms to hang up and this adorable black metal cactus with a led-wire around it. 

Make lists:
I am a list person. I always have a physical list in my hand (paper goes over everything here). I even make lists for my lists but that is another obsession. A grocery list is key for party planning. Also a guest list. It is much easier if you have a total number. Although I would add on about 4 to 5 people. You never know who suddenly changes his mind and running out of food is one of the worst case scenarios. 

If you have to move the furniture or add some tables or chairs get this a day or two ahead done. This is additional stress you don´t need to have by planing it out right. Also get all the groceries you don´t need to be super fresh. Canned stuff and most vegetables or cheese are fine up to four days and more. Same for drinks and crushed ice. A extra drive just to get the drinks is much more relaxed and your car isn´t full with lots of bags. Same goes for kitchen utensils. Clean and prepare everything you need for serving, placing the food, drinks etc.

Beginn earlier than you think is necessary. Having some time ahead to give it a final walkthrough or clean up some stuff already is gold. Also you should get dressed up too. Don´t forget about that. Happened on my first hosted big Christmas dinner. I changed about 10 minutes before the guests arrived and only had time for a quick make-up and hair fixture. Timing takes a little. It took me about 3 to 4 ocassions to find out what works best for me. It is also a different theme if you are serving a course menu where every dish should be on schedule or having a buffet.

All those tips help me a lot and make party planning easier but at the end of the day you have to figure it out by yourself. It also always depends on how much you have to do by yourself and how much help you have.

I hope your next party is going to be a total hit.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
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