SPF Products we are using for us and our children…


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I have never been much out in the sun especially not since I turned 25 or so. I have avoided direct sun and sunburns like the plague and only went out early in the morning or late in the evening hiding in the shadow like a vampire. Also I never get a tan. I turn red and then go back to pale. There is no point in all the sweating, the burning and afterwards shedding. Sunburn is proven to trigger skin cancer. Sunburns as a child are even worse. The risk rises up to 50 %. This is why SPF on your skin is so important. 

So I am not a doctor and this is no medical advice (always ask your health care provider) simply what I have found out over the years. 

– no sunlotion for babies under 6 months cause the ingredients are too much for sensitive baby skin so shadow it is

– always reapply after swimming

– sunlotion combined with SPF swim clothing is even better 

– no sunbathing or staying in the sun all day for children

– a hat is very important 

– SPF 50 is perfect for children but everything is better than nothing

– if possible always use mineral sunlotion cause it has way less harmful substances wich can possible cause problems or illnesses later in life


SPF Products we use

I am a huge fan of the Hawaian Tropic sun lotions. The smell just puts me into vacation mood every time I use it and the glow it gives your skin is just amazing. I have also gotten the After Sun Lotion which cools down your skin in case of a sunburn. I always get the SPF 50 in the lotion. 

Another cool thing I have tried out this year is the Hawaian Tropic face powder. It has SPF 30 and is super easy to wear over your foundation.

Supergoop BB Creme – Very lightweight, high SPF, light coverage, perfect for a pool day, a little to glowy for me as I like a matte teint

Garnier Face Mist – did not like it at all, tried several times but it leaves little white spots on my face cause it doesn´t dry even


SPF Products we use for our children

The Hipp and the Paediprotect sun lotion is in high demand in our home. Those are the two we use every day in the Summer time.