Toddler Road Trip Activity Tote…


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Toddlers are the most unpredictable and impatient little fellas you could ever meet. Now put boredom and a long road trip into the mix and you will not be happy with the outcome. Emilia is now a little over three and we already have some trips behind us that went better than expected. 


this aren´t the best requirements for a long road trip and that is why I have been putting together a huge tote with lots of surprises to keep the mood up.


What to pack into your toddler road trip tote


First of all I have ordered lots of new things off of amazon. They have Melissa & Doug stuff which is both affordable and cute for toddlers. 

They have sticker boards, water color writing pads and so much more, perfect for long car rides. Another thing we already got is a busy board. This was a huge hit last year when we spent a few days at Lake Garda, not only in the car but also at restaurants. 

Magnets have also been a great hit. The magna tiles or just dolls to dress.


It is a save bet to say snacks will works no matter the age. Whether you have cut up fresh fruit or little sandwiches or a container filled with puffs. You need to bring snacks. Our girls like puffs, 


If everything´s falling apart give them a tablet. Now this is one thing you´ll need to know upfront cause you might want to download some Disney movies or shows or anything else they love and give them an hour (or half an hour) of screen time. 

The amazon kids table would also work great plus it has games for different ages as well. 

Now this will only work out if

a) you have any kind of that device and take it with you and / or

b) you kid does not get car sick. Fortunately it isn´t the case here (I am not sure if this might come later or is it an impromtu thing – I have heard both). We used our tablet twice and always only for the last hour. 


Another great tip we got is taking breaks at rest stops with a playground so that your children can run around and get some energy out, but this will only work if you don´t need a bathroom break earlier than you´d arrive and the weather has to be good too.