Why we love vacationing at Lake Garda…


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We love Lake Garda! I have been visiting for about 15 years and still love it. It is such a mediteranian place but still so close (about 5 hour drive) to home. There is something about the Italian way of life, the little old towns, the Italian food, the history and of course the huge lake.

Every time we go we drive to our favorite restaurant and have lunch there. It is right at the shore and waves crash against the little stones, the water smells so fresh and the lake breeze goes through your hair. This is when we have finally arrived at our vacation destination.

There are several places we always visit when we are there. The same cities and same coffee shops but we always make sure to also go to new places we have never seen.






We exit the highway at Lago di Garda South which means we are on the east side of the lake about in the middle. The charmful little cities are all close and reachable by car. Parking places are available everywhere. We love that everything is close together either way you are driving. The cities we love to stay or visit are Bardolino, Lazise, Garda, Peschiera del Garda and Sirmione. We have stayed in Sportsman Creola, Lazise, Bardolino, Peschiera and Castelnuovo. 


There are so many different activites you can do at Lake Garda. Besides lying at the pool of course. If you want a little more action there are plenty of things to do on land as well as on the water. Of course they are all charged seperately. We headed to Gardaland with the kids this time and it was amazing. I have also done parasailing and it was a great experience but you shouldn´t be afraid of heights. Another thing we did was rent a bike which is a great way to get around faster but keep in mind that there are lots of people around which doesn´t make it easy. 


Rent a boat 

Rent a bike / scooter

Gardaland Theme Park


Caneva World

Take the ferry

Sea Life

Olive Oil Museum (I love to add this all the time cause it is such a funny thing)



Rock´n Roll Dinner Show – Right after the Movieland you can book different dinner shows where there is food and entertainment.

There have opened up a lot of different restaurants over the last few years. You can now have Bohemian cuisine, of course Italian, Sushi, a nice Burger and there is also a MC Donalds. 

Of course all the great waterfront restaurants are Italian cuisine but that mustn´t be bad am I right. Prices are pretty normal in my opinion. You can choose from noodles, pizza, fish or meat dishes to salads and lots of desserts. Keep in mind Italians normally eat noodles as a first course so the serving won´t be as big as you´d expect it. Meat and fish always comes alone. You have to order the side extra.

If you are sitting down during the day or later in the evening most of the restaurants will get you snacks with your beverage. For example you order a glass of wine and you get a plate with nuts, olives, crisps and little sandwiches.

If you are looking for a small snack or lunch there are plenty of options to buy a piece of pizza or a panini on the way or at restaurants, bars. 

Overall restaurants are very kid friendly cause the Italians really like children and they also don´t mind if you are sitting outside at a bar with kids.

The choices on ice-cream are incredible everywhere you go and there are definitely flavors I have never heard. The prices are very reasonable and the ice-cream just tastes fresher and better than anywhere else. Sirmione is THE ice-ceram mekka of Lake Garda.



There are many opportunities to get rid of your money at Lake Garda. I personally have two shops I like to frequent when we are there other than that I love the local market. They have such a great variety of clothes, leather goods like shoes, handbags and belts. Toys of course for the little ones. The prettiest ceramic pieces you have ever seen and table cloths. 

Local Market

Little Shops

Shopping Center


How I pack for our Summer Vacation…


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I have a very difficult relationship with packing. I love booking vacations and going on trips as well as I love cute luggage and travel gadgets but packing is not fun. I am a chronic overpacker with no improvement in sight and don´t get me started about unpacking. It took me six weeks to unpack my hospital bag!!!

But to at least improve the slight overpacking a little I am packing by outfits. If I am honest I could never just throw anything together and make it work. That is just not how I function.

To make the whole packing process a little easier I plan up front. How many days will we be gone? Do I need day and dinner attire ? What about poolside looks? And so on and so on…

For our upcoming trip we will be gone four days so I need two travel outfits, two day outfits and three evening styles as well as 3 poolside looks. I probably gonna pack one or two reserve looks cause I get spit and pooped on a lot these days but other than that I think my outfits are all set.


24 hrs in Stuttgart – What to do?


With my husband´s birthday and also our wedding anniversary we are trying to find something great to do every year and most of the time we just go out for dinner which is nice, don´t get me wrong. This is a lot of fun for us cause we love people watching but it´s not that special. So for this year we decided to take a city trip, just the two of us. Spending quality time as a couple has become pretty hard since Emilia is here but at least we appreciate the little time we have.

It was our first night away from our little baby and it was so hard for the two of us. We kept busy so that we wouldn´t miss her that much but of course it didn´t work. 

But let´s get started on recaping our trip. We started driving on Saturday morning and got to Stuttgart around noon. It is a three hour drive so it´s totally manageable to get there without a break. 

24 hours in Stuttgart

Day 1

Our first stop was the Wilhelma. A HUGE zoo and botanical garden area and I mean huge. I am very sure you can spend an entire day and more there. They have everything from plants to desert animals to rainforest animals and bugs and fish. It is truly incredible and so neat.

After that we went to another famous for Stuttgart place. The Porsche Museum. The Porsche is designed and built in Stuttgart so that is definitely another must. My husband is not super interested in cars but he liked it as well. The history, the earlier cars and lots of modell drawings. 

Since it was already late afternoon we went to check-in to our hotel and have some coffee there while getting ready for our dinner reservation. We stayed at the Kongresshotel Europe in Stuttgart. It is a business hotel and not the newest anymore but the rooms are roomy and clean and the staff is very nice and helpful. But be warned since the Coronavirus is still very present the bar and café is still closed. This was very disappointing and we had to get our cup of coffee from the nearest gas staion. Other than that our stay was totally fine.

For dinner we went to Vale, an amazing Italian restaurant. I had the Parmesan noodles with truffle. Such a special dinner for a special night and my husband went with pizza but he loves pizza so everything all right.

To end the night really special we decided to go to the Spielbank Stuttgart, a very high-end casino and play some roulette. We had drinks at the bar – I had a Cosmopolitan and it was glorious and then we gambled the night away. Lost everything we changed into chips but had such a great time together. I think we even stayed out ´till after one which is huge for us.

Day 2

So the next day, after little sleep we got ready, checked-out and headed to brunch to one of our favorite spots – the Gardener´s Nosh. We had one here in Regensburg but it sadly closed. I ate the croffle and an eggwhite omelett and my husband the breakfast burrito and a waffle on a stick. Everyhing was delicous.

As full as we were we rented two e-scooter to do some sightseeing downtown Stuttgart. I have never been on an e-scooter before and it was so cool. Probably the best about our whole stay 😉 Just kidding.

We went to the castle district. This is where the castle is of course and a huge old library plus a so many cute cafés to sit outside. It is so nice to see that live has picked up where it left after Covid. People need normality. 


Best of make-up / toiletry bags to travel with – there is one for everybody…

make-up bags, travel, travel in style, organized travel, vanity case, train case

make-up bags, travel, travel in style, organized travel, vanity case, train case

make-up bags, travel, travel in style, organized travel, vanity case, train case


Good evening to all of you my lovely ladies, 

(post contains affiliate links/Werbung/Markennennung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links-not sponsored)

I am in absolute and total Fall mood around here (going to start decorate soon) but I also know that many of you are still travelling or have plans for Summer travel so I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite travel cases I have used for years and hopefully are going to use years to come.

There is one for every type of traveller whether you are chaotic or super organized. In my opinion always knowing where everything is in your suit case saves time and anger. Trust me!!

Best of make-up / toiletry bags…

The Chaotic Make-Up Bag – This is a drawstring make-up bag from the Flat Lay Co. and the idea behind it is marvellous. You just throw all of your make-up in it together and pull on the string and all of your products are packed and ready to go. This saves a lot of time and you know where everything is at all times but it isn´t the best method to find things quick. Although all of the pattern the company offers are super cute which is very intruiging. You can get palm print, leopard print, little lightnings, gingham, velvet, satin – you get it right?! Most of them are to find on Asos.


The Clear Make-Up Bag – If you want to have an overview at all times and know exactly where the one thing is you are searching for even before you open the zipper this is the perfect item for you. Mine is from Guess but I also have the Luxe Beauty Case from the Styled Collection which is also clear and love them both.


The Two-Storey Vanity Case – It is an organization loving gals dream. It has two stories which means two big compartments. I got this from River Island years ago and it holds so much make-up – perfect for a longer trip. The top compartment is great for long, flat items to lay like lip liner, brushes, concealer, mascara and in the bottom compartment can things be stored like foundation, powder, your face and eye cream pods. 


The most hyped make-up bag – I have gotten this one a few years ago, let´s say about three or four and it was the most hyped make-up bag I have ever seen. Every blogger and her mother was promoting it and it has been a top seller for many of us for month and to be honest I can see why. I has a very clean but chic look, it is very sturdy, has many great compartments inside you can customize for you own needs and is under 25 Euro. I mean there isn´t much more to say in my opinion. Whether you get this one for yourself or you gift it a friend/family member there will be no regret. It is sold on amazon and the exact one I have is sold here.


The personlized train case – Where are all my monogram friends at!! I got this adorable train case customized from etsy for our honeymoon and have used it a ton ever since. Personally a monogramed piece is the best thing you can get and I know there are two sides. You either love it or hate it right but if you are ever looking for a special piece etsy is the place to be.


The space-saving make-up bag– It really is a huge space saver when you have booked a small room. You can literally hang it anywhere and it won´t take up closet space, luggage space or counter space while you are staying at your destination and it can also be folded and put back into your weekender / suit case as well but in my experience it doesn´t hold a lot. I have way to many things with me which wouldn´t fit in there make-up wise BUT it would be a great bag for shower gels, soaps, razor etc. cause you could hang it on the opposite side of your shower and have access to everything you could possibly need in there. I got it from amazon (prime available as well as lots of different colors).