Valentines Day Favorites….

MAC liptensity lipstick ambrosial / medium rare /
River Island bucket bag /
 Dress red
Dress rose
Dress black and white
Pullover pink
 Pullover ruffles 


Hi dolls,

I am really looking forward to my 2nd favorite holiday (the first one is Christmas always has
always will) the Valentines Day. It is such a nice day full of flowers
and hearts and love letters and champagne. I love how people try to tell
their loved ones how much they are worth for them and how much they
actually care on that day. The only downside I think is that this is the only day for the most people where they actually show their feelings.

I don´t know what is planned now but I am really excited where we are going for dinner and what else we are doing but since it is a Tuesday there might not be much more time.
I am loving everything pink, rose and red for this day it is no
surprise that it became kind of a color theme for the collage.


Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you. Love K.

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What to wear for a Valentines Date: Fluffy heart pullover / Destroyed Jeans / Lambskin Boots ….

Pullover similar / Jeans similar / Bag similar here and here / Beanie similar / Booties similar here and here / Sunnies

I like to pair a nice light color to an whole black outfit so I took the pink from the pullover for the beanie and the bag as well. Keep the make-up in a lighter shade of pink and this will work for a day date as well.

On the other note – we have been watching Modern Family nonstop and I think it is so cool and funny. After Revenge and as Game of Thrones hasn´t started yet we needed to fill the gap in between. What do you think about it?

Ich kombinere gerne hellere Farben zu schwarz oder grau. Hier habe ich das rosa aus dem Pullover aufgegriffen und die Mütze sowie die Tasche in der gleichen Farbe gewählt. Wenn Ihr euer Make-up in einem dezenten rosa wählt funktioniert der Look auch wunderbar für ein Date unterm Tag.

Zum Schluss noch was anderes. Wir schauen seit einiger Zeit Modern Family auf Netflix und mittlerweile den ganzen Abend. Die Serie ist so cool und witzig. Und wir haben was Neues gebraucht um die Lücke zu füllen, da wir Revenge zu Ende geschaut haben und es noch keine neuen Folgen Game of Thrones gibt.

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We are…. – essence Trend edition….

Hi beauties,

two days ago I finally found a store where they had this absolute gorgeous (already spotted it on their Website) trend edition from essence. I had to have this so bad and went to my local stores every second day (they might think I am going crazy) but this is the cutest Valentines Day collection I have ever seen (insert heart eye emoji here).

Vor zwei Tagen habe ich endlich Produkte der momentanen essence Trend Edition ergattern können (habe diese im Internet schon ausgiebig betrachtet). Ich wollte diese unbedingt haben, sodass ich jeden zweiten Tag in unsere Geschäfte geschaut hab ob diese schon erhältlich ist (warscheinlich denke die auch schon das ich spinne) aber das ist die mit Abstand süßeste Valentinstag Edition die ich jemals gesehen hab.

I got the:
….flawless contouring lipliner in P.S. we <3 pink / P.S. we <3 red / P.S. we <3 berry
 I always liked their lipliner a lot. I got a buch of the first ones which had no mechanism to turn them up when they are blunt – I still had to sharpen them with a sharpener. I like the new design much better and I love that they are perfectly matching with the lipsticks from this edition. Also you can use them as a lipstick too when you are coloring your whole lip and not only draw the contours.

….velvet matte lipsticks in P.S. we <3 pink / P.S. we <3 berry / P.S. we <3 berry
 Aren´t these just adorable ? I love them just so much cause they are so cute. I got all three colors with matching lip liners. This is really rare. Usually they don´t have the exact matching liners to the lipsticks. They have a heart shaped stick which is so creative. The shell is high-shine black and has also little drawn hearts on it.

….nail polish in I have grey times with you
 Usually I am a glitter nailpolih fan or at least for red or pink (did not buy these cause I have a ton of red and pink ones at home) but I wanted to give it a try as it fits perfectly to the snowy and cold season. It is a light grey shade and doesn´t get much darker buy appyling it several times. It really is high shine which is pretty nice but it starts chipping really quick. But I gotta say for the price of 3 Euros it is totally worth it. Just add some top coat for a longer lasting.

….mulitcolor blush in you & me = awesome
 I almost did not want to try this blush because the structure is so nice but why buying it when not using it so I did it. You can use the colors single or mix up together. The lighter shade is pretty sheer so you should create more layers on your skin but the darker shade is pretty nice by itself. I haven´t mixed it up until now and I am not sure if I do because I don´t like having other color particles in the shades.

….lip bag 
 This is the cutest little bag for make-up or lipsticks or hair accessories or whatever you like you can carry around with you. Just so sweet <3
What do you think about it ? Let me know ? 
Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend.
Take care. See you. 

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