Wedding Wednesday – getting ready….

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Happy Wedding Wednesday you guys,

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I hope you had a great week so far. Mine wasn´t too bad but Monday hit me like a steel freight train (to quote James Morrison) and I still don´t know why. But let´s give it a rest and have a look at one of my last Wedding Wednesday posts (the last 4 are already in draft). 

As I planned out the timeline for the day I wanted to make sure that there would be enough time to get ready and enjoy a few single moments of laughing and sipping some bubbly and getting wedding ready with my bridesmaids. I think this has kept me as calm as I was (I almost was a little shocked that I wasn´t more nervous) cause there was no pressure at all. Everybody was happy and nice and everythink worked out just the way we talked about it. We took lots of picutres while getting ready and it honestly was a blast almost like our bachelorette weekend a few months earlier. 

So for makeup (view the full post on my wedding makeup here) we did it on our own and our hair was made by a local hair dresser. After we all got back our photographer came and started taking picutures of the dresses, the jewelry and all the little things we would have forgotten to tell here. She really was such a sweetie. Kept track of the time and understood everything I wanted. This also helped a lot cause you only get ready once on your wedding day and I wanted a bunch of pictures with my girls so badly. I think we now have more than expected, so check.

The bridesmaids dresses are from Asos and I think they where really happy with them. I totally loved the top with sequins all over and the tulle skirt. But most important was that they have most of their dresses in three lenghts. Normal, petite and long. We needed two in a normal size and one in long so this could have ended really disappointing going shopping. So we gave it a shoot and ordered about 6 dresses from their bridesmaids selection and went with this one right away. 

If you are in need of bridesmaid dresses be sure to check their selection as they have so many different colors, lenghts and sizes and also a huge maternity section.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Photos by Tine Kirchmayer

We are married…..

Good morning guys,
I finally came around to share a little sneak peak on our wedding day and some photos we already have.

Everything really was perfect – the day, the dress, the flowers of course my groom and also the weather which I didn´t expect after all the different forecasts.

We had our wedding ceremony at the town hall at 11:30 a.m. so we needed to get up pretty early to get ready. My hair appointment was at 07:30 a.m. and the bridesmaid followed after which gave me plenty of time to do my make-up (yes I did my make-up on my own, I figured this would also work for me if it worked for the Duchess of Cambridge). Our photographer came around 10:00 a.m. and we took lots of cute getting ready pics in our matching robes. After that we got dressed and ready to go. The first look was outside of our house and I couldn´t wait for Florian to see me and my stunning dress. I think it looked absolutely stunning. 

After the ceremony we left for taking picutres with our photographer, my dad who drove the wedding car and of course Chloe.

Our photographer picked out such a beautiful place for our picutres. A whimsical place with lots of trees, fog and a stunning view.

We got to our reception about half an hour later than our guests – the Hesperidengarden – and the sun was with us. It was absolutely beautiful. All the pretty flower arrangements, well dressed guests and the best food. I impatiently waited for our wedding cake (we had a delicious passionfruit filling) and after that the night was a pretty blur and over so quickly. The dinner was divine and our band was the best and nicest I have seen in quite a while. There was lots of celebrating and laughing and talking and everyone was dancing (even my old grandmother twisted on the floor) and enjoying theirselves. If I had to do it all over I wouldn´t change a thing at all as it has been THE perfect day and night. 

Thank you all for your wishes and congratulations on our big day. We really appreciate it.

And as always thanks for stopping by.