How to store your child´s toys…




I bet your kids also got a ton of toys for Christmas and that is okay. They need to play, to be imaginative and creative but as soon as January hits and the Christmas time is officially over I always get an itch cause there is just clutter everywhere.

We tip-toe through a land of Duplo, Playmobil, Barbie and Little People and in the end step on a Tonie Box figure which hurts so much you could easily have an open flesh wound. This is when I start to collect everything from every room start to organize and categorize and in the end order the right container/boxes whatever and tidy everything up. 

I hope one day my children are going to appreciate the order of their things and put every piece back in its place but I also understand that they are to little now.


Doll Storage

Tonie Storage

Barbie Storage

Playmobil Sorage

Duplo Storage


This post has been quite the process in the making cause I for myself had to work through tons of toys. Not only what my children got for Christmas but also the things we had already. At some point the mess just becomes so overwhelming that I have to do something. In this case organize the hell out of it.

I have made a long overdue trip to Woolworth and got tons of container. They have lot´s of different ones at great price points. I especially love the small ones for teeny tiny things and you won´t get them everywhere. Other than that I can recommend Ikea for bigger boxes.

How to organize toys







Back to School – Kindergarten Edition…


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The first week of Kindergarten is over and it was a huge success. She loved it everyday and didn´t want to go home. I am so so happy for her. There are so many other children to play with and she has already found two friends. It is just the cutest thing to watch her go into her group in the mornings and be immediately happy.

I have gotten some things for her upfront but wanted to at least have everything tested once.

Amazon Kindergarten Favorites

Backpack and more

I have been a huge Reisenthel lover for years now and I was so happy when the time came around I could get their monogrammed diaper bags for my girls and now of course I was even more excited to get a Kindergarten backpack set for Emilia. 

We got the pink ABC set cause of course it had to be pink and the unicorn was just the cherry on top !!!!



I got these for Emilia for her gymnastics class and she was super smitten. Of course. I mean they are pink with glitter so what´s not to love here.



Snack Box and More

I am a huge fan of girl dinner so of course I had to get some Bento boxes for Kindergarten snack time. A few things of everything is better than a lot of one am I right. At least food wise.

The boxes have 5 different sized compartments. I am still exploring what works for her and what not but I have had lots of hit and only a few misses. It might seem like a big box but it fits perfectly into her backpack and it is also easy to open for her.

To make snack time a little more exciting I got some fun gadgets like these animal sticks. I used these for sticky things like cut up fruits. Another very practical thing I love are the silicone muffin tins. I put the cut up fruit in there or today I put some nuts into it. 

A huge hit are the heart and star shaped cutter. I use them for her bread or toast and she has eaten it up every single time although she is not a hute bread fan.

The little round tins with the silicone lids are perfect for joghurt or peanut butter. They are absolutely leak-proof.

This great wave cutter is a super simple tool but it helps so much making all the vegetables more interesting for your child.