Ginger Hair – My hair color, products I use and how I style my hair…



Hair Color

I have almost had every existing hair color under the sun and probably stuck with red and ginger the most. 

The first time I colored my hair ginger was in the Summer break when I was 15. I was super excited and the color turned out great. I have loved it very much but it went away after a few hair washes.

Next time I colored my hair was after school when I was 16. I had lots of different colors from dark brown, to brown with hints of red, to blonde and bright red. 

But at some point I always came back to ginger or as my daughter says orange. Since having a second child I haven´t visited a salon. I´d rather save time and money and color my hair at home. The drug store has one permanent hair color I buy every single time. 

It is the L´Oréal Paris Préférence in the color 7.4 Dublin. I color my hair every 5 to 7 weeks. Depends on how washed out the color is and / or how much my hair has grown out. 

I personally like the color very much. It is easy to prepare, use and apply. I know that this is not an option for everyone cause my hair color is all over and that´t it. Highlights or other things won´t be as easy to achive at home.

Hair Products

Scalp // Scalp Brush 

Shampoo and Conditioner // 

Detangling / Wet Brush / Revlon

Leave-in treatments // Keratin Spray, Olaplex No. 6 


Hair Tools

T3 Wand / My most prized possession, love it for my curls and use it on a weekly basis. I have different barrels for it but always use the 25mm. I am just the happiest with this outcome.

Remington Hair Straightener / This one is really simple and super old but it still does the trick. I mainly use it to straighten my bangs and that´s it.

Velcro Roller / 

Hair Styles

My hair looks really glossy and is super shiny after styling it with heat tools but it has a natural curl in it which means everytime the humidity rises the frizz in my hair does too. I have tried every product under the sun and the only thing that helps here is a hair style. I can do a french braid or a pony tail or a bun and that looks just fine but any type of curl will be destroyed within minutes.


More Daisies in a Dress….



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Looks like we have quite the theme going on for this Spring and our thing is daisies. How else could it possibly be ? I mean I love flowers and they fit so perfectly into the season. 


Spring Outfits Lately…


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Spring has visited the last couple of days but sadly has taken a break for the last two or so, so if it is still cold and dreary where you are, here is some serious Spring outift inspo I have worn lately. The colors are lighter, the patterns are happier. It helps lighten the mood so much.


Daisy Dress….


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Wow, I think this has been the longest time I went without posting ever but I just didn´t feel like it and all I wanted to wear have been my cozy pj´s lately. Looks like some kind of seasonal depression finally hit me in the end but I am back with new looks and colorful outifts for you guys. 

Spring makes it easy to get dressed again. A cute dress followed by a comfy piece of knit for chilly mornings and a pair of shoes of your choice. I prefer ballet flats for everday things with my girls and espadrilles or a little higher shoe for every other ocassion.