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Hi guys,

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I hope your first day back at work wasn´t to bad. I am still at home but have to go back tomorrow. Not too thrilled about it either.

Since I am kind of a lipstick addict and especially of the color red I wanted to share my favorite brands and hues with you over on the blog today.I really love wearing a red lip whether it is for work or for going out.

There almost isn´t an ocassion you can´t wear red and it is super versatile and looks great with most colors. Also a red lipstick is an absolute classic just think about Marylin Monroe or Taylor Swift. 

So these are my current favorites I am using over and over again:

MAC MAC Red // I have first seen this color on Rachel from Pink Peonies and ordered it immediately. Although it has a satin and not a matte finish I adore this color. This is a bright red with a slightly blueish udertone. I personally think a blue undertone never hurts cause it makes your teeth look wither that they are.

MAC Lady Danger // This has been my first ever MAC lipstick and it started my obsession. It is corally red with an orange undertone and a matte non glossy finish. Works best in the summer since the color is really bright but I have also worn it with several pieces in the same hue a few weeks ago. 

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in color 95 Electric Ruby // I got this one at the Sephora in Leipzig and used it on the same night and for the following days. Absolutely love the color. It definitely is a darker red but not as dark as burgundy. The formula is perfect. I lasts and lasts and lasts. The Sephora brand itself is really good. Got a few more pieces and they didn´t disappoint as well. Be sure to try one of their cream lip stains. The color range is awesome too. And for 12 Euro they are super affordable.

L`Oreal x Balmain in color Domination // I was so happy about the collaboration between L´Oréal and Balmain. In fact I wanted to have every lipstick of their small but the bold blue and sheer olive hue where a little too much for me and also the nude ones wheren´t as interesting as the others so I went with four colors I liked the most. And what can I say – my most used lipstick is the bright red. It is super matte and super pigmented and also consists of the famous L´Oréal lipstick formula.  

L`Oréal Color Riche in color 349 Paris Cherry // This one had been sitting a very long time in my drawer (only bought it because I am a sucker for all the pretty lipstick names out there) until I recognized what a beautiful color it is. It is a darker matte red shade. The formula is so soft and doesn´t dry out your lips at all and it also has the typical smell of the brand´s lipsticks I love so much. My most used red for the colder months (as seen on my lips in the pictures above).

L´Oréal Paris Infaillable Matte color 204 Red Actually // The first color of the Infalaible lip color series I ever got was a bright purple. I think it the color was called orchid or similar. Do you remember the purple lips trends about 4 years ago? Did you get hooked as well. I mean we found out that MAC Rebel existed and that wasn´t bad at all. So the third color of these tubes I have ever got was the red shade. It is a darker and high pigmented red. I absolutely love the hue and it stays on pretty long but the applicator is real crap. It is super fuzzy so you can´t draw a nice line. I am always using a liner before and disperse the color with a lip brush. Also you never know how much of the product is left in the tube. Anyways the red is just too beautiful so I don´t mind about the other two points.

Do you have any products you truly love and would buy and use over and over again. Be sure to tell I would love to know.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.


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