Simple Last Minute Easter Pretzel Treats…


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Are you invited to an Easter brunch and looking for a cute and Easter themed little hostess gift you could bring ? I have made these chocolate covered pretzels last week and they have been a total hit within my family so I am sure that they would be a nice treat to gift as well.

In fact they are a great treat year round cause they are easy to adjust to the season and holiday. I went with different glass jars to put them in and added little Easter ornaments like eggs and carrots. 

Now on to the recipe which is fairly easy. All you need are pretzels, white chocolate and sprinkles (in this case Easter themed) and you are good to go.

Just melt the chocolate and dip your pretzels half side into it. Sprinkles on top and then let it cool off and harden for about half a day. Now they are ready to pack up and gift or just to eat by yourself.


Easy Weeknight Meals…


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Life is busy with two small children, lots of spare time activites and a full household to throw so I am all about quick and easy meals. I don´t want to sacrifice the taste 

One Pan Meals

These are the days we have lots of leftovers of several food groups so we just throw everything in a pan, sear everything and let it sit in there with some cheese on top to melt. Definitely some of our favorite meals came out through this. You don´t have to waste food. It can be 3 or 10 different things like sausage, bread crumbs, vegetable and so on… 


Instant Pot Meals

This is probably the fastest way to get a fresh homecooked meal on the dinner table. I do have an Instant and a Crock Pot and I would say I prefer my slow cooker but this definitely comes in handy when there is no time left.

Chicken Alfredo / Mac and Cheese / Spaghetti Bolognese / Chicken Tikka Masala 


Sheet Pan Meals

Great way to get a variety of different food groups ready to eat in the same amount of time. We love to do salmon, potatoe slices and asparagus or sausage, green beans and sliced potatoes. These two are our favorite sheet pan meals plus Emilia really likes them too.

If you need some more inspo you can have a look at this recipe collection as well. I am sure there is one for everybody.


Delicious Homemade Cinnamon French Toast for your Easter Breakfast…


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How amazing would it be if you are coming down the stairs on Easter morning and the amazing smell of a batch of french toast comes your way. I assume this would put a smile on any face. 

Since this is an easy and very well preparable meal I would suggest to incorporate this into your Easter brunch. 

I used pre-sliced french brioche but you could also buy a whole loaf of brioche and slice it yourself. So the secret is to put a dash of cinnamon into the milk before you put your slice in to let is soak the milk. After that you seal it with the egg mixture and put it into the pan.

Always use a spoonful of butter or fat or cooking spray cause it will definitely stick and won´t look pretty anymore. I am cooking on middle heat cause if it heats up the fast the egg on the outside will burn. 

After flipping it twice I pile it up on a plate, pour syrup over it and garnish it with butter flakes and berries.



Delicious White Chocolate Waffle Sticks for Valentine´s Day…


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How about waking up Valentine´s Day morning to a pile of delicious white chocolate waffles to dig through – or any other morning. Yes, it would be amazing. This is an awesome easy sweet treat to make for yourself or gift to others. 

The chocolate and sprinkles is just the icing on the cake. Literally !!! This is the recipe I have used. It is from Martha Stewart and I love it every damn time.

While the waffles are getting crisp and delicious in the waffle maker I like to melt the white chocolate on the stove. This has to be a slow process so you might wanna set that up at the beginning. I have choosen red sprinkles for Valentine´s Day but you could use whatever you like.

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