Delicious and Easy Blueberry Lemon Cake…


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Don´t we all love an easy yet impressive baking solution ?? I do think so you guys. I have been on the hunt for quick and easy cooking and baking recipes ever since I have had two children.

Doesn´t this cake look quite impressive !!! And would you belive me if I tell you it only took 5 minutes to prepare the dough and 5 minutes to deocrate afterwards ??!!

I got a lemon cake mix from the supermarket and just added a bunch of blueberries to the dough. After baking I let it cool down and made the lemon frosting from the box plus added a lot of blueberries on top as decor and voilá. The blueberries made the dough extra juicy but added some sweetness to the zest of the lemon. It was a huge hit in our family and gone within the afternoon. Definitely going to make this again.


A Crunch for Every Season…


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We love our Crunch over here. No matter the holiday or the ocassion, this is always a top seller in our home. It might be the taste – the sweetness from the white chocolate, the crunchiness from the pretzels and puffs and the hint of salt from the macadamia nuts. Whatever it is, it´s highly addictive and a match made in heaven !!!

The 4 key ingredients are always the same

– puffs

– macadamia nuts

– little pretzels 

– white chocolate

… and then I add seasonal things. I love to add little chocolate eggs for our bunny bait and sprinkles and M&M´s is vibrant Spring colors like green and yellow. I have also found little carrot sprinkles. How adorable are these.


Monster and Bunny Bait for Halloween and Easter 

Christmas Crunch

My favorite Christmas colors are red and green and a frosty white. This is also how our Christmas crunch looks. I add red and green M&M´s to the mix as well as little marshmallows and Christmas themed sprinkles. Can you spot the little trees???

As far as storage goes – if it lasts that long 😉 – you can use some airtight container like Tupperware or Mason Jars. If you want to gift it I would recommend little sheer fabric or plastic bags. You can add tags as well or little cards.


Summer Salad Sunday – Egg Salad and Bread Salad…


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Summer Salad Sunday has come to an end and I am a little torn between it being over and so happy that Fall is finally here. I enjoyed it a lot making a new salad each week and I definitely will bring it back next year cause there are many salads I didn´t come around to make.


Egg Salad 

Never ever have I tried an egg salad. Somehow this was just never appealing to me but I was totally wrong. First of all it tastes amazing, has lots of protein, is super quick and easy to make and you can eat it as a sandwich as well. How great does that sound to you !!!!!

So Summer Salad Sunday number 10 is the Egg Salad

I have made the @alyssa_therecipecritic s egg salad and used 1 and 1/2 times the ingredients plus I added Shelodon Cooper’s secret ingredient paprika (IYKYK) 🙃

To me it tasted like a deviled eggs salad on a fluffy bread. Maybe not the best time to meal prep it since its so hot these days but definitely a great dish whether you are making it for brunch, lunch or dinner.


Bread Salad

For today’s salad I have used all of my favorite things I would want in a salad.

Bread Salad Ingredients:

– arugula
– pine nuts (roasted)
– feta cheese
– olives
– bread (I love ciabatta)

Roast the pine nuts and the bread in a pan. Put everything together in a bowl and stir.
Season with salt and pepper, vinegar and olive oil.


Summer Salad Sunday – German Sausage Salad, Green Goddess Salad, Potatoe Salad…


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German Sausage Salad

One of our absolute favorites. We make this one frequently especially in the Summer time. It is an easy cool dish for hot days with less ingredients.

There are existing different versions but this is our preferred.

German Sausage Salad


– pickles
– onions
– cheese cubes
– sausage (I used baloney but you can use what you like best)
– olive oil
– vinegar
– salt and pepper

– cut everything into little pieces, mix and season

Green Goddess Salad

I finally came around to try the viral Green Goddess salad and I have to admit I was a little dissapointed. Don’t get me wrong, it was good and tasty as well but I had high expectations cause the salad went viral some time ago and those were not met. Somehow I waited for a taste explosion that never came.

I have used @iamafoodblog s recipe and it was easy to follow and tasty as well. Didn’t use the nuts cause I can’t eat them.

I have had a filling lunch for three days. Great salad to make ahead for meal prep or dinner parties.

This is the recipe I have used.

Potatoe Salad

There are thousands of ways to make a potatoe salad but we like it simple with less ingredients and an oil and vinegar finish.


– potatoes (surprise)
– onion
– chives (dried or fresh)
– salt and pepper
– oil and vinegar
– Maggi (a liquid spice I use for a lot of things)

Peel, cut and cook the potatoes until they are soft.
Meanwhile cut the onions. Wait until the potatoes are cooled off a little before you mix everything together. Season and then stir.


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