Dressing Room – Another part of my house and further up-dates….

Hi guys,
today I am showing you antoher part of my house.
This one is the apple of my eye – the place where the magic happens.
Ever since I lived in the United States I wanted my future house to be full of soft and fluffy carpets. (We lived in an apartment and there where the thickest and softest carpets I had seen in my entire live-maybe that´s because I was just ten but who cares know… )
As I started to plan how the house is gonna look like I realized carpets everywhere are not very hygenical ( also with a dog) so I went with it in only one room. In my own room and that´s simply perfect how it is now.
I painted one wall in the carpets color and the other ones in a beige yellow tone. Don´t know how its called but I think it´s pretty. Kept the furniture white so the contrast with the colors comes out a lot brighter.
Here are some pics of my closet organisation and my dressing room decoration …

There are still things to do in the house like painting some rooms or fixing some wholes in the sealing and stuff like this. But I got kinda lazy because spring is here and I am doing a lot of outdoor things and I am also spending and enjoying time with my boyfriend 🙂
You see there are lots of better things to do than this …
Take care. See you. Love K.

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