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Good morning my dearest friends,
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accessoiries have become a huge theme in the fashion industry regarding the last years. It is not only about clothing. The perfect look is a mixture of many different pieces and factors.

As long I can remember sunglasses have been THE summer accessory and not much people have worn them in the winter too but this has changed drastically. Sunglasses are now a year round staple and are available in so many different styles, colors, shapes and from oh so many brands.

I am always on the more classic side when I am choosing my shades. Nothing super colorful or a fancy frame (although I would love to get a heart frame-maybe for Valentines).

So I have teamed up with Sunice for my post today to share my alltime favorite sunglasses with you.

I have always loved a classic oversized cat eye frame. Wearing it suddenly reminds me of all the glam the Old Hollywood Era was spreading. And let´s face the truth. There are definitely days where we need that glam factor in our lives. I got mine in tan with the leopard pattern and totally love it. It fits my face perfectly. The style is called The Classy and is also available in Transparent, Icy White and Matte Black. 
The other style is a little more on the cool and modern side but since it has been in style for so many years I consider it as a classic too. I have choosen The Creator in color blue. This style always reminds me of Tom Cruise in his young days starring in Top Gun. I decided to go with the blue shade cause somehow this color fits my face the best. I also love the shape and the mirrored glass. It is perfect for sitting and watching people since they can´t see where your eyes are wandering.

Both sunglasses have full polycarbonate UV protected lenses which is very important cause the sun and the UV-rays are getting stronger every year.

And to sweeten your Moday a little bit I have this awesome discount code for you guys.
Apply Katie25 at chechout and you save 25% on your order.
Wishing everyone a great start into the week.
Thanks for stopping by.Take care. See you.

 Disclosure: Thanks to Sunice Glasses for sponsoring today´s post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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