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Hi guys 
today I am back with some news for our festival season here in Regensburg in Bavaria.

First of all I am telling you a litte about our color festival the ” Farbgefühle Festival”. Is is based on an indian tradition. They have a holy festival once a year where they throw colored powder in the air. The meaning of this is that at the end of the day everyone is equal . On this day there exist  no castes which show the rank of every person in India.
Some people discovered this and took the color concept for a row of festivals in germany and maybe in whole Europe (not quite sure about that)
It is on the 06th of june and the upbeat for the festival season this year.  I am really looking forward to it. Also got the tickets as soon as possible. I am attending it with my best friend this year which makes me so happy. She hadn´t got time in a while,  so I hope the weather is fine. Looks good until now.

The next one and my most favorite of all time is the Regensburger Bürgerfest. Sadly it only takes place every second year. Its from friday to sunday and whole downtown is partying. There are lots of different bands and artists at all kind of places. They have different kinds of food courts with the usual food to eat and there are always many kinds of new types to try. From every almost country. My favorite ones are the bowle stands. They got huge bowlegvessels with all types of bowls . The red ones with red wine and red fruits and berrys and the withe ones with the white wine of course and pineapples and honeymelons and the new one the last time was a rose one. I tried them all and liked the berry bowle the most. This was such a funny evening 😉

The main reason for the festival is to drift through the crowds and all kind of places, to stay there a while and drink or eat something and listen to all different kinds of bands. 

The next festival is the Zuckerbrot und Peitsche Festival.  It is on the last weekend of june.It goes on 3 days and is on the same location where the color festival was. There are various artists but the main sound theme is electro. Not everyone likes this special genre. Haven´t been there but I may go this year, only for one day just to try it and see how it is and who attends.

So that has been everything about the festivals in june so far.  What you might need as well as information might be some ´´gadgets´´ to survive it.
Sun protection is number one and really important for your skin and you can´t go back on day two if your skin is hurting so much that you cant move, cause of the sunburn.
What I really like is an aqua spray. It is only water in a can but it comes in a fine mist and is cooling down your skin. Really works. Already tried it out. 
A hat could be useful too. If you attend to festivals where they don´t have places with umbrellas or shadow you should take one with you. First of all it is really cool and trendy and totally fits to festivals  and it protects you from a heatstroke.
Glasses of course . Don´t have to say more to this one , do I ?
Handkerchiefs are a neccessity. After the half of the day they don´t have toilet paper or hand towels left.
Blotting papers for your face. You might really sweat and they take away the glow from your face so you look fresh the whole time (and you cant put on some new make up, it is to hot and takes too long and who wants to stay in those strange festival toilets longer than neccessary!!!!!!

Last for this post :

My favorite festival outfit. Paired some dark denim shorts with a triangle bikini top with tassels and a chrochet top in creme white with those awesome fringes at the bottom. Love this one so much. It it so great. White clogs for your feet.

Top Clockhouse Cand A
Bikini Top H&M
Denim Shorts Clockhouse CandA
Shoes Schuhtempel 24
Hat (old from a croatian market)

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