Gift Guide – Cozy Christmas Presents

Hi guys
today I have another gift guide for you – but it may get too late already to get some monogramed gifts.
It´s all about coziness. Fluffy and warm and comfortable presents for Christmas.
So here we go….
H&M pajamas – for the Holidays or  even for Christmas morning   

This is one of my favorites – they are super super comfy and so sweet. The best Slippers for wintertime. I highly recommend them….
Next one – a super nice scarf with tassels at the end and the pattern is so great for winter time. You can use it with a normal jacket for going out or even for your winter Holiday. It is super thick and warm and of course trendy.
This one is a Kind of difficult present. Normally in my opinion socks are no Christmas present. I know this because when I was about Eleven or twelve I got a whole bunch of socks (about 15 pairs) form my aunt. I know she thought it would be a nice gift for me because of all the Harry potter and snoppy motives but it wasn´t. Not at all.
So know I changed my mind a Little. I found These Christmas socks and they are absoluetely adorable. Maybe not as a whole gift but great as a Little extra for the whole gift.

Here is another Fashion gift – a nude Pullover. A nice presents which fits almost everyone and it is super trendy so you can´t go wrong with this Kind of present.

And last but not least and as Long I am writting I am thinking about more cute Little presents….
 A great fluffy and shiny fake fur blanket for your bed or your Sofa.
 So that´s it with my second gift guide for you guys. I hope you are finding some Inspiration or some presents you would really like to give to someone.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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