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This post means two things – the most wonderful time of the year is over and I can organize the crap out of our Christmas decor and start the new year fresh. 

I am very sad that Christmas time is over cause I have loved it so much this year. The girl´s had so much fun and where so in awe of every light and little detail. It was the cutest thing. 

But like every season Christmas also comes to an end and we have to pack away all things magical. But how to do so. I am gonna say it as it is – organize it now and save time later. I myself have thrown everything into boxes years ago and just put it away and when the holly jolly time is back and you want to decorate and only find half of it somewhere joy is gone very quick.

So let´s organize….

Christmas Decor Organization and Storage Options

Wrapping Paper Storage

I have shared all about it in this short Instagram Reel. It makes a hell of a difference to have everything you´ll need for gift wrapping in one place than in three different. You can see what you have, what matches and what you could restock for the next holiday.


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Garland Storage

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This is new to me and I have seen this last year and wanted to get one once this Christmas decor period is over and I am so glad I did. It fits my 3 garlands perfectly and I can see what´s inside and it is also protected from dust. 

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Ornament Storage

I have gotten two of these divided xxl bins for my ornaments and I am very happy about it. They are pretty sturdy on the outside and hold a lot of our Christmas ornaments. You can also recognize colors from the outside so it is even easier to find what you need.

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Christmas Tree Storage

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I have used this huge bag for two years now and it is still my favorite way to store our tree. Of course this only applies to you if you have a fake Christmas tree. My mom is storing hers whole. She just has a cover to throw over and zip up. Only possible if you have the space and height to store it like this but also a great solution.

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Decor Storage

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Bins are your friend here. In all sizes. I store all kinds of Christmas decor in there. Figurines and all of my fairy lights. The girl´s room Christmas decor and

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Pillow / Fabric Storage

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I have folded my pillow covers, stockings, table runner and put then into this bin. On the other side are the Christmas pillows. Works great. This way I can immediately see what I got when I open it up again the next year. A little tip if you have lots of silky or shiny organza fabric – I put them in a empty pillow cover so they don´t get mixed up or a tear from another zipper for example.

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One last tip at the end of this post. If you are storing your Christmas decor in your attic where temperatures change a lot between Summer and Winter make sure to remove your batteries from everything possible. First of all they will decharge and not work when you need your item again and second of all they are more easily to leak with the wild temperatures and damage everything around because of the agressive battery acid. 

And another thing. Don´t store wax figures in your attic if it will get hot in the Summer. A few of mine have melted into unrecognizable lumps.

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