How I plan a week of daily outfits ahead…



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I love to play with clothes. I brings me great joy to spend time in my closet and plan my weekly looks. And it is also something I have to do cause I am not a morning person and I can not for the life of me find something to wear in the mornings when it is not already laid out. Actually I started this while I was still in school cause otherwise I would run late everyday.

How I plan my outfits

I always start with one piece like a dress, a cardigan, a sweater, etc. and work my way around from there. For example I have a sweater I want to wear I have a look at the colors and decide what colored skirt or pants I want to pair with it. The moment I have the basic look I start with accessories like a scarf, a handbag, shoes and jewelry. After that I will decide which hair styles works best with my top and earrings. 

The process is super simple and could be done in the mornings as well, but I just can´t do it. 

Of course the current weather and our appointments play a huge role too. It is planning all the way which I love too. In my opinion I am wearing the most creative looks if they are planned upfront. No way of just winging it here.

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