Instagram Round Up – Saying goodbye to 2015s Outfits

Hi guys
this is my last Instagram Round Up for this year. So have a look at the last looks I had worn in 2015 and stay curious for my 2016 looks. This hadn´t been such a good year for me personally but I hope it is getting better. It can only be better.
So here we go the last time…..

London – Already wrote a blogpost about this gorgeous bag. I am
loving the color. You can read it here. Link. It is an english brand.

Winter Wonderful – The current Trend Edition from Essence. A little
late but better than never. Couldn´t get it earlier from our drug

dress and wool coat – I had this dress for a long time but it never
was the right time to wear it. Maybe you know what I mean. I paired
it with matching tights and this golden necklace from H&M. It
wasn´t such a cold day so I wore it with this wool coat in a nice
orange color and a matching scarf. I always love adding a nice pop of
color – especially to the darker tones and in the colder and darker
winter months.

and gold – Had worn this on the 24th to get some last
things done. A nice and comfy outfit with destroyed boyfriend jeans –
I like a good pair of boyfriend jeans, they are super comfy cause of
the light oversiz and they look so cool – and a cozy camel sweater.
Paired it with this nice red and golden necklace. And a pair of nude

mornings – Those are my christmas pyjamas. I bought them fromH&M.
They are super cool. The pant has a checks and is a soft flanell
material. The shirt is a longsleeve made of jersey and it has Snoopy
and Woodstock with a sleigh on it. I love the Peanuts and I already
saw the movie. It was so cute.

one of my Holiday outfits – The matieral feels like liquid silk. It
is soft and flowy and shines so pretty. But you should not sweat in
it because you can see every little drop. Have not known this before.
The necklace is pretty nice and it fitted perfectly to the shirt. Of
course the shoes also had to be silver 😉

nudes – This is one of my favorite outfits I had worn lately. I
like it a lot. The dress is super soft and swinging. The jacket is
from Gina Tricot. I got this one a long time and I still love it. It
fits to a lot of clothes I have. The scarf has a light snake pattern
also one of my favorites. I paired it with simple black tights and a
black heels. And of course adding a nice pop of color is never wrong.

and casual – I wore this outfit on our big family christmas party.
It is comfortable but chick. Everything is H&M. The oversized
pullover has a leopard pattern. The blazer has schmal silver lines.
Paired the pullover with a silver necklace from H&M. The jeans
are skinnies with a short zipper am Bein. And of course my black
suede pointed toe heels.

care. See you. Love K.

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