Make-Up Sponges – Different types

Hi guys

as I already announced – today the post about the different types of make up sponges.

I am showing you some different types of sponges I used lately. So here we go:
Those little ones come in a round box. This one contains 8 pieces and they are arranged in a circle.
The sponge itself is a triangle.
Good to use for small areas around your face, like the nose or eye area. You can work very precise with those and they come in such cute colors 🙂

The next ones are flat sponges. I do not use them a lot cause I am currently using others. 
But you can use them for large areas like the cheeks or your forhead area. Work good buy they are quite thin. It depends on what you like but next time I am going to get thicker ones. The grip is better though.

Those are the newest ones I had gotten. I just love them. In my opinion they are great for all areas of your face because of the different shapes in one sponge. They are a little more expensive than the other ones but you don´t have to change sponges while bringing on your make-up.

Hope I could help you a little with your sponge choices.

Take care. See you.

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