My Amazon Buys – July…


We are 11 days into August which means it is officially time for another amazon finds post. I love these kind of posts cause every month is so different in terms of things we need/want. 

July has been dictated by Summer of course and since we are still in #wfh mode some cute accessories don´t hurt either. Keep on reading to see which was the best find all year.

cover for family pool // I am so happy I got the cover for the blow up pool because the water stays fresh way longer with no dirt, insects, leaves flying in there.

air matress // My seat for the blow up pool. This is so comfortable you can literally fall asleep on there.

family blow up pool // This is the best amazon buy for the whole year. The blow up pool is amazing and since we are not going on vacation this year and it is so hot we use it daily. It is so big that I can lay in there on an air matress. It is amazing.

fake eucalyptus leaves // Used these for my daily table scape but they also look cute together in a vase on a tray. 

beaded statement earrings // Available in a ton of colors and a great statement piece for Summer. Wear it with a bun or a high ponytail for extra drama.

gingham cotton napkins // Added these to my everyday table scape. They are available in many other colors with which makes them perfect for many occasions. Red gingham looks great for the 4th of July and light blue gingham looks great for a picnic.

colorblocked statement earrings // I have really been into my statement earrings lately. I might have to cut them out of my fashion choices very soon though cause Emilia starts to grab colorful things. Super cute for Summer and under 10 Euro.

glass straws // Got these for my daily iced coffee cause it helps to reduce plastic waste and they are also really chic in a fancy glass. Clean up nice in the dishwasher and are super affordable.

bee buckle belt // Such a cute and affordable addition to your wardorbe. It totally looks like a Gucci dupe but costs only under 20 Euro and is of really good quality. 

bohemian midi dress // These are my favorite amazon dresses ever. They have over 20 different patterns and color combos and I recently got this turquoise one that will look divine with a pair of suede booties and a leather jacket. 

woven place mats // Added these to my everyday table scape. Available in plenty of colors too.

tie-dye loungewear set // I did not jump on the lounge wear train until I saw Rachel from Pink Peonies wear this. It is amazing, feels super soft and the tie-dye print is so on trend plus the prize for the seat is without competition.

silicone mat // I needed an extra space to dry the baby bottles so I went with a silicone mat cause it is the easiest way to get more space. 

velvet hangers // Bought another bunch of these again for all of my slippery dresses and blouses because I hate nothing more than having to pick up things from the floor.


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