Preparing for New Years Eve – What do you want to wear ?

Hi guys
after all the holidays are over – and I must say I am a little glad about that because after 4 days of eating and eating and eating normal live must go on. I had visited all our Family members and on the last day everybody came together at my aunts house. Everybody had a whole menu and of course lots of cake and cookies. So I went out for a long run today (and yesterday) already and now I am starting to feel a little better. Not used to get so much to eat 🙂
Now we have to prepare for new years eve which is coming very fast.
I had been at the mall today and I decided what I want to wear. I am going classic – all black with sparkling silver Highlights.
I am wearing Slim black Pants, a black Blazer with a black glittery bra under it and now the Accessoires. Hope you are gonna love them as much as I do.
I am wearing my silver Buffalo Pointed toe heels, my silver box clutch from Gina Tricot and…….


wait for it….
a small silver hat with a black feather – it is super cute and I totally fell in love with it after I saw it the first time. I bould the whole outfit arround it.


I always loved hats and hairbands and sequins and glitter and feathers. So this is absolutely perfect for me. Not sure what to do with my hair now but maybe I am just making a small low bun.

After the Focus is on my hat I am not gonna wear so much jewelry. Only a pair of earrings and my watch with some bracelets. Keeping this pretty decent.
I am going to spend New Years Eve with my best friend and some other of our friends in the city. We are going to have dinner and then we are celebrating at a bar. Hope the mild weather is holding on……
What are your plans for New Years Eve ???

Take care. See you. Love K.

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