Summer Hosting…


I love hosting. I just love having people over, feed them, have inspiring conversations and laugh a lot until the end of the night. I have missed it 

Summer is a whole different kind of hosting. It is mostly hot and things won´t be able to stay out of the fridge for long time periods, also there are flies and bugs around you will not want lon your food. Ice cream and ice cubes melt a lot quicker. 

How to avoid a huge mess while hosting in the Summer:

– keep flies away from meat or foods with lots of protein (they love this the most) with a mesh dome 

– keep bugs and mosquitos away with a citronella candle 

– leave food that will melt or go to waste fast in the fridge until the people really start to eat

– have lots of ice cubes ready to keeps drinks cool and refills in the freezer

– bring the used plates right in the kitchen so you won´t attract flies

These are my top tips for outdoor Summer hosting. These have helped us a ton over the years. 

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