Starting to get active again with Yoins….


Hi guys,

by following me you may have noticed that I started working out again and also joined a local gym where we live. Although I really hate any kind of working out but I was so unhappy cause I gained some pounds and I wanted to get rid off them. Maybe I start like working out someday but for the moment finding cute sets for the gym is enough. 

So for today´s post I have teamed up with Yoins
A huge online retailer with so many different categories of clothing but today we are focussing on active wear cause everyone loves to make a good deal and there is a huge Fashion Activewear Sale online for women
 going on at their website right now.

In fact I prefer tight pants for working out like yoga pants or running pants but on the really hot days I wouldn´t say no to some of the shorts I have listed. They aren´t just airy, they are also super flattering for your buttocks. 
And another thing that always lifts my mood at working out are fun, bold colors like red pink or a vibrant shade of blue.

is offering you a 10% off on your first order and they are also
shipping worldwide for free when your order total is 50 €/$ or more . Head
over to take a look at their deals.

And when you have finished your workout you can reward yourself with one of those cute and affordable fashionplaysuits online for women.

Hope you are having a great day. 

I am heading straight into the weekend now.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care. See you.

Thanks to Yoins for sponsoring today´s post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.