My Everyday Make-Up – Mixing High and Low…


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I love to get ready everyday – this includes getting dressed and also getting my make-up done. I was in a real slump at abouth the half of my pregnancy and didn´t do anything at all but now I am back and although I am still tired in the morning (this probably won´t get better) this is good for my soul. It is just something I value and it also makes me happy. 

My everday make-up usually consists of the same products. I rarely switch things especially not if I have found something I like and that also works for me. I have changed my foundation because of my pregnancy but I am sure changing it back after breastfeeding. 

The other things I might switch are blush colors but I mostly use the bronzer and a colored highlighter. Lipsticks have been a favorite of mine and I normally use a different one everyday but I have been using the same one for the last few weeks cause it just works so well with all the Summer colors. 

Many of the products I am using are from the drug store and super affordable and others are tried and true favorites I buy over and over again from Sephora for example.


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