Our Harvest Backyard Festival 23…


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I love Gilmore Girls and espcecially all the Fall episodes with the small town flair and their very cute Fall festivals at the town square so I decided to go all out this year and make our own Fall Festival with Fall boths and lots of different Fall themed foods.

Seems like a fairly huge task for only one person but to be honest it was easier than I anticipated. The main word here is preparation. It is key to focus on the tasks you need to get done first and then prepare task after task after task. So the first thing I started with was the drawing of the Fall boths.

How to make your own Fall booth

I am going to spare you of my drawings cause no other than me can decipher anything on this small piece of paper, instead I am sharing all of my knowledge on here. Half of it is from Pinterest which always inspires me a lot. First of all I am have planned two Fall booths and one photo station. 

The first booth is really really easy. It is just a taple top on hay bales covered with a gingham tablecloth. Et voilá. Now add a ton of pumpkins and some good food and you are already done.

Now the second booth is a little trickier. I went on ebay and got two palettes for free from someone who doesn´t need them anymore. They are a little worn off but that is not important cause I have painted it in a dark brown wooden color and added so much decor. 

Since this is more like a bar area I wanted it to be a little higher and and closed on top so I built around the two palettes which also gave me the opportunity to add even more decor and also string lights.

Most of the decor is from a very cheap store (Tedi) cause it is very likely that it doesn´t survive this so I did not want to spend too much money.


Fall Photo Corner

First of all I wanted to have a cozy and comfortable corner to sit in and second of all a photoworthy spot to comemorate our first Fall festival ever. After I combined these two things I was very pleased with myself for having such a great idea. It was one of the prettiest spots. We took lots of photos here and the kids loved the bench to climb up and down the whole time.


Fall Foods for our Fall Festivals

– pumpkin bread

– pumpkin pie

– apple pie

– pumpkin soup

– quiche

– DIY pulled beef burger

– flatbread with sweet potatoes and onion, bacon and sour cream

– BBQ meatballs (Crockpot)

– caramel apples

– Fall sangria


– Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

– Beef Stew

– Any kinds of rolls or bread with dips