Is clay the new super makeup ingredient??


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I have been to Sephora about two weeks ago to stock up on some pieces I am using all the time and also to have a look at all the new releases and there is one ingredient whose name I have been reading very often and since it has caught my eye that much I decided to get some pieces to try it out. It was clay. Clay is used more and more in beauty products because of its positive and longlasting characteristics.

What it does…

Blush – Micronized Amazonian clay helps control oil & infuse moisture for balanced skin & seamless blending.

Mascara – Boosts thickness, length, & curl with a blend of antioxidants & conditioners while Amazonian clay replenishes without making lashes feel crunchy or heavy. The formula delivers soft, weightless volume while it nourishes for stronger & healthier lashes.

Bronzer – Bronze and contour with this best-selling, multi-tasking vegan bronzer infused with Amazonian clay for flake-free applications and hours of pigmented wear. The moisture-rich powder delivers an even, buildable glow or streak-free contour to enhance any skin tone. Infused with tarte’s powerhouse Amazonian clay and none of the icky, bad stuff, the everyday weightless powder helps to improve clarity and texture, leaving your skin healthy and glowing from the inside out.

Why it´s this good…

Blush – There’s no need to reapply – the vibrant color looks just as fresh at the end of the day as did when you first dusted it on.

Mascara – dermatologist tested / vegan  / ophthalmologist tested / safe for contact lens wearers  / love it, been wearing it non-stop since I tried it, really boosts your lashes

Bronzerdermatologist tested / waterproof / vegan friendly


Other products/brands which include the ingredient clay in their product:

Personally I think it is great that such a natural ingredient is used in makeup products to make them safer for all the girls out there who use it. Natural ingredients can be powerful and effective too. We really should make the effort on going green including the products we use on our skin because it goes right through into our system and let me tell you, you want benefit of everything you´ll put onto your face. Taking some time for research is no waste. It is smart and prospective.

Have you guys any experience with natural makeup ingredients or products ? I would love to know.

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