L´oréal Paris – Elvital Planta Clear Anti – Dandruff for itching and hurting scalp….


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since I can think back I always had issues with my skin. I was suffering from Neurodermatitis when I was a baby/child. It has gone away to 95 %. I still have some areas where my skin gets dry and itchy sometimes that is why I am not using every drug store lotion I find. I always need a product which gives me the best hydration to prevent the spots from getting dry and start to itch.

About 2 months from now my scalp started to itch from using the wrong shampoo and conditioner and I also got dandruffs. This is nothing you want to have especially not for Spring when you can´t wear hats anymore. Maybe this came from my current shampoo or from the humidity changing so rapid from Winter to Spring. So I did some research online and I found a product I haven´t heard before. I knew the Elvital hair products from L´oréal but that they had this line was totally new to me.

I am now using the Planta Clear series. I got the shampoo with a calming effect (they have 3 different types) and a 7 day scalp lotion (this is a spray with different ingrdients).

They offer three different shampoos. One to freshen up, one to calm down and one to balance your scalp. I am using the one to calm down my scalp cause that matched my needs the most. Maybe some day I can switch to the fresh one. The scent is great. 

Another thing I am using is the seven day scalp lotion. This is a spray with different oils and other ingredients in it. First I was a little speptical because I thought this would make my hairline greasy but it really doesn´t and my hair is smelling so fresh. Those two products work really well for me and the itching has totally stopped. I am really glad I found this. 

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Stay fresh – dry shampoo review….

Toni & Guy Instant Refresh Day 2 Freshness dry shampoo
This is the last one I got just because I was curious. I am using lots of their prodcuts for my hair so I wanted to test a dry shampoo too and I love it. That´s why I  mention it as first product in my post. The smell is so so good. It is so fresh and a little perfumed but in an enjoyable way. It works instant and doesn´t make your hair look dry or dull. It costs about 10 Euro and it is worth every cent.

Batiste Cherry dry shampoo
Batiste Hint of Color dry shampoo
This might be the most hyped dry shampoo I know. I have been using this for a long time and it is always the one I purchase when another one is empty cause you can get it quick at every drug store. There are lots of different ones so this is also the brand with the biggest variety on dry shampoo (correct me if I am wrong). I love to use a dry shampoo for blonde hair (maybe it is just me or the yellow powder) but I always think it make my hair appear a little blonder. 
The other one I purchased (cause I loved the packaging) was the cherry one but it is almost too sweet for me. I am not such a fan of sweet perfumes either but it is okay. If I just use it for volume I don´t need as much. 
Both are perfect if you are looking for a low price alternative to other brands with pricier dry shampoos. They work well and are only about 3 Euros so in fact you can´t loose.

Aussie Miracle dry shampoo – Aussome Volume
I tried this one cause I needed a small size for travelling and this was the only one I found at our drug store (travel season is hard, the small products are gone quick). I have heard a lot about the brand before but never used any of their products. I like this dry shampoo cause you don´t need a ton of it to make it work. It also absorbs quickly and the price point is great (under 10 Euro) and it also works great if you just need a quick volume boost. The only thing which could be a little disturbing is the smell. Don´t get me wrong be smell is good in small doses but if you need a little more it really is overwhelming and just too much (like you won´t need any perfume for this day too much).

Lee Stafford Original dry shampoo
This was probably one of my first dry shampoos I have ever used. I did not buy it because of any review just because it was pink. Yeah I am a pink girl. Not denying it. 
I also used the other one of this line for dark roots. This was indeed a dark brown dry shampoo mist. Strange feeling using it the first time but it takes away all of the oil from your roots and it isn´t sticky or dry at all. It helps to give you another full day of volume and fresh hair. I would recommend this all the time to everyone. Still one of my favorites.

COLAB Active Dry shampoo
This is literally a thing I have never seen. It is an invisible dry shampoo so you don´t have the white/grey mist at your hair. This is really a dry shampoo for on the go. You can easily use it everywhere cause you don´t need a brush or a towel to get rid of the rest of the produt. And it also has UV-Protection which I have never seen at a dry shampoo before. For the price point and the abilities this might be the best one. It is under 5 Euro and that is unbeatable.


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sometimes the days are passing by so quick with so much to do that there isn´t any time left for extra things. We are heading from one appointment to another to get everything done and if you are a little like me you are already late before stepping outside the house so it is nice to know that even if you don´t got time to wash your hair (although I really hate wet hair but I am regularly washing my hair twice a week) you can stay clean and fresh. It is no magic – it is dry shampoo. So in this post I rounded up my favorite dry shampoos and one I really don´t like and would never purchase / use again. 

Update: Also a really great site has reached out to me to share their dry shampoo review with my readers. In fact they are testing a lot of different products on their site so this is just one of many topics. The review is really detailed and includes much more facts. The site is called Reviews and you can read the specific post here.

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