A classic red lip – sharing my favorite red lipsticks…


Hi guys,

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I hope your first day back at work wasn´t to bad. I am still at home but have to go back tomorrow. Not too thrilled about it either.

Since I am kind of a lipstick addict and especially of the color red I wanted to share my favorite brands and hues with you over on the blog today.I really love wearing a red lip whether it is for work or for going out.

There almost isn´t an ocassion you can´t wear red and it is super versatile and looks great with most colors. Also a red lipstick is an absolute classic just think about Marylin Monroe or Taylor Swift. 

So these are my current favorites I am using over and over again:

MAC MAC Red // I have first seen this color on Rachel from Pink Peonies and ordered it immediately. Although it has a satin and not a matte finish I adore this color. This is a bright red with a slightly blueish udertone. I personally think a blue undertone never hurts cause it makes your teeth look wither that they are.

MAC Lady Danger // This has been my first ever MAC lipstick and it started my obsession. It is corally red with an orange undertone and a matte non glossy finish. Works best in the summer since the color is really bright but I have also worn it with several pieces in the same hue a few weeks ago. 

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in color 95 Electric Ruby // I got this one at the Sephora in Leipzig and used it on the same night and for the following days. Absolutely love the color. It definitely is a darker red but not as dark as burgundy. The formula is perfect. I lasts and lasts and lasts. The Sephora brand itself is really good. Got a few more pieces and they didn´t disappoint as well. Be sure to try one of their cream lip stains. The color range is awesome too. And for 12 Euro they are super affordable.

L`Oreal x Balmain in color Domination // I was so happy about the collaboration between L´Oréal and Balmain. In fact I wanted to have every lipstick of their small but the bold blue and sheer olive hue where a little too much for me and also the nude ones wheren´t as interesting as the others so I went with four colors I liked the most. And what can I say – my most used lipstick is the bright red. It is super matte and super pigmented and also consists of the famous L´Oréal lipstick formula.  

L`Oréal Color Riche in color 349 Paris Cherry // This one had been sitting a very long time in my drawer (only bought it because I am a sucker for all the pretty lipstick names out there) until I recognized what a beautiful color it is. It is a darker matte red shade. The formula is so soft and doesn´t dry out your lips at all and it also has the typical smell of the brand´s lipsticks I love so much. My most used red for the colder months (as seen on my lips in the pictures above).

L´Oréal Paris Infaillable Matte color 204 Red Actually // The first color of the Infalaible lip color series I ever got was a bright purple. I think it the color was called orchid or similar. Do you remember the purple lips trends about 4 years ago? Did you get hooked as well. I mean we found out that MAC Rebel existed and that wasn´t bad at all. So the third color of these tubes I have ever got was the red shade. It is a darker and high pigmented red. I absolutely love the hue and it stays on pretty long but the applicator is real crap. It is super fuzzy so you can´t draw a nice line. I am always using a liner before and disperse the color with a lip brush. Also you never know how much of the product is left in the tube. Anyways the red is just too beautiful so I don´t mind about the other two points.

Do you have any products you truly love and would buy and use over and over again. Be sure to tell I would love to know.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.


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A new round of beauty finds + what I got for Christmas…


Good evening guys,
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it is New Years Eve and I am so happy to share another round of beauty finds including my Christmas gifts. Need to keep myself busy otherwise time is standing still. 
I always enjoy wandering through the drug stores or browsing through the online stores a lot to find out what´s new and what could possibly be a hidden beauty gem. So let´s get this started (you can view my last update here).
Invisibobble Scrunchies // Loved them before and love them even more now that they come in fashionable and super soft velvet scrunchies.

NYX #nofilter Primer // This is by far the best primer I have ever used. It makes your skin look flawless and also evens out everything. Just awesome. I got this during the Black Friday sales and going to get this again.

T3 Whirl Trio // This was a Christmas gift from my husband. I wanted the T3 curling wand set for such a long time and gave several hints over the last months and I got them. I have tried two of the three barrels so far and I love it. I heats up super fast. Makes beautiful bouncy curls and the white and rose gold coloring of the tool doesn´t hurt either. I know it is definitely expensive but in my opinion worth it. Have used it about ten times since Christmas.

Charlotte Tilbury Party Girl Kit // I got this from Sephora during our Leipzig trip. I only wanted the Pillow Talk liner and lipstick in the full size but they had been sold out in stores and online so the girl at the Sephora counter found this set including both of them in the mini version (it was the last one) and I immediately got it. The set includes the mini lip duo, a mascara, a black eye liner and a copper eyeshadow pencil. I have used the lip duo, the mascara and the eye liner so far and loved every one of them. The mascara has a nice brush and makes long and thick lashes and the lip duo has the most beautiful shade ever. I am all for color but this might be my new favorite.

NYX Metallic Eyeliner in color 02 silver // I have to admit I am not good at applying black eyeliner precisely so I opted for a silve one. It isn´t too bad if you smudge a little it won´t show and still looks great for day and also for night.

Kerastase Resistance shampoo // I got this in the miniature version a few weeks ago including a hair mask and a protection balm for your hair and this has been by far my favorite shampoo. I have never had more soft and healthy looking hair than with this line. And the smell is amazing too. I am using another shampoo at the moment but definitely are going to get this one a second time. 

Sephora Pomegranate eye mask // I recently discovered eye mask and from time to time I like to use one, especially in the cold winter time. Dry skin doesn´t look good and dry skin under your eyes are even worse.

Bvlgari Rose Goldea perfume // This is my second Christmas gift I have hinted for a lot. The first time I heard about the fragrance was on the airport on our way back from our honeymoon. A sales woman gave me a paper stick with the scent on it and I loved it right away so I gave it to my husband to keep it and he put it into his wallet and was remined by the scent everday and guys it worked, I got it. It also has the most beautiful little bottle I have ever seen. Rose gold and sparkly pink!!! How pretty.

L.O.V The Glowrious deep metallic highlighting palette // I got this gorgeous palette at the Bunte Beauty days before it actually launched in stores and I have used it a ton since then but it looks almost brand new so this definitely is worth its money (it is about 16 Euro). If your make up consists plenty of rose shades this is definitely one for you.

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in color Lover // This is the second superstay matte ink I got. The first color I have ever got is really dark and nothing for everyday but I was impressed with the stay. I had it on until I showered and after it still looked brand new. It really is not moving at all (super bad for quick removing but really good for long days or dinners). 

Maybelline Color Sensational lipliner in color 56 Almond Rose // The lipliner was supposed to match perfectly with the Matte Ink (they came in a set) but I think it is way to dark for the other color. The pink itself is very beautiful but not in combination. I used MAC Soar with the color above.

Bean Body Coffee Scrub Coconut // First of all I loved the idea of a coffee scrub and the smell is amazing but this has been the messiest my shower has ever looked. The coffee powder was everywhere and honestly the brown water wasn´t quite as nice either. I had to clean the entire shower after so this is definitely a fail for me and I tossed it after using it once.

Rexona deo creme stick // Don´t get me wrong. I love their products and been using it for years and this really was a coincidence but that is how I found out about this. I have been using the roll-on for a long time now and I love the feel and the protection and the smell. So I ran out of my deodorant the evening before we left for Leipzig and I needed a new one so I quickly went into the store and didn´t even take a quick look I just got the product (comes in a little box with the name on it) and left. The next day I recognized I got the wrong one and thought it wouldn´t be too bad but believe me this is a total mess applying. The creme doesn´t come out or a lot of it comes out which makes it impossible to apply and you probably (like I did) get it all over your clothing. So I recommend their maximum protection roll-on but never would recommend the deo creme.

Wohoo. That has been such a long post but I really tried out a lot of new things and wanted to give you the best possible review. Stay tuned for another one coming soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Latest beauty buys + MAC Shiny Pretty Things holiday collection….


Happy Sunday guys,
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so for today (usually there wasn´t a beauty routine planned for today but my schedule got a little mixed up this week so I am sorry) I am sharing another round of my latest beauty buys (I have found a lot of stuff to try and I also have some random things to share I rebuy every time its empty) so let´s grab a cup of coffee and work through it.

The Styled Collection travel case // I first came across this as Katey Mc Farlan from Chronicles of Frivolty reviewed it and I loved it right away. Different compartment, see through and of course a chic design. You name it. But it usually costs 88 $ and that was way more I wanted to spend. So I left it and ordered it a few months lather as it was on sale for 55 $. So happy it finally arrived. We are travelling again in December and I can´t wait to try it. Currently it is on sale for 67 $.

NYX matte lipstick color Siren // A deep plum shade similar to a glas of merlot. This is a dark and moody color but still daylight appropriate. Would look awesome with a skirt or pullover in the same color. 
Bepanthol lip creme // So so happy I ordered this lip creme. Bepanthol is a health brand with usually sells cremes for insect bites and blisters so I was a little sceptical by ordering their product but I am glad I did. Best lip creme ever. I use it every night and it makes the most smooth lips I have ever had and especially quickly.

Rituals The Ritual of Dao hand balm //I have been using the body butter of this line for about two years now and what I love most about it that it isn´t to sweet and has a more masculine scent and bits and pieces of white lotus. I recently discoverd that they have hand balm so I had to have my favorite scent as a hand balm too. It also is a pretty decorative piece and would make a great stocking stuffer as well.

Chiara Ambra foot mask // This is kind of an odd product to me. I knew for a while it existed and finally ordered one with a couple of other products. The foot mask actually contains two sock like thin sheets with the product inside. You are supposed to keep it on for about 20 minutes and in this time you have to sit still (not with like a face mask where you can clean the kitchen with). I didn´t like the feeling at all sleeping into the cold and slimy sock actually it was really gross but it works like a dream. Super soft and hydrated feet. Exactly what you need after wearing boots all week.

L`Oréal Paris Elnett de Luxe hairspray // This is a really random but it is my favorite hairspray ever. I have been using it for years and although I have tried many different ones this one is my all time favorite. The smell, the texutre and the hold are one of a kind.

The Body Shop shea body butter and lip butter // Also another random thing I love. The The Body Shop shea body butter has been a staple of mine for years. My skin gets unbelievably dry in the winter (it´s almost dusting and I am by far not exaggerating) so I always keep a pot of it in my bathroom drawer (the other body lotion for the Winter I love is from Neutrogena). A body butter is a richer lotion which is exactly what your skin needs in the winter. It is a bit pricey

MAC Shiny Pretty Things red lip kit // After the beautiful artic and snowflake inspired holiday collection they had last year I have been waiting desperately for this years products. They are a 100% different than last year. Everything was white with silver sparkles and frozen feels and this year it is vibrant, colorful and holographic. I (of course) got a lipstick set. The red lip kit including one liner in the color Cherry, a lipglass in color Pom Date and of course a red velvet matte red lipstick in color Blazing Yule (not extra available since the shade is only made for the holiday collection). The pouch is super cute. Hot pink with a metallic finish and a bow as zipper detail. The whole set is absolutely adorable. The red shades are just gorgeous and I am totally satistifed with it. Would make a super cool stocking stuffer as well as a nice gift. 
 I will probably have another beauty post next week or the week after cause I did find some intersting stuff on the weekend I want to try first. 

We are out and about to see a play which is called the ice queen so let´s see how this turns out. Be sure to follow on Instagram.
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Recent beauty buys including the SMILE lipsticks from L´Oréal x Isabel Marant…..


Good morning my beauty loving friends,
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I really love browsing through the beauty sections of drug stores and see what´s new (or new to me, sometimes I miss a few things or don´t get it until it is super hyped and I want to know why). Trying these things out on my free Fridays is so much fun. I make myself a giant cup of coffee and incorporate the new beauty products into my make-up routine.
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer // I first saw this product on Chronicles of Frivolty and gave it a try cause I don´t have a specified under eye concealer, I just use my face concealer for this region too and the dark shades mostly get through later in the afternoon or even after lunchtime. It is no full coverage product and I don´t think it is buildable but it works for me. I only add some powder on top to make it matt and voila. Fresh and awake looking eyes. Who doesn´t want that??
Maybelline Tattoo Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Gel  // This is by far the best eyebrow gel I have ever tried. It is awesome. Super soft to apply. The color fits perfect (I have light blonde) and it stays, also cause of the gel texture there are no hairs acting weird and do what they want. They are like glued to your brow. Definitely gonna buy this again.
L’oréal Voluminous Lash Extatic // The Lash Paradise mascara is supposed to give you lenght and volume and I think it totally does. I am super fine with it being a drug store mascara. It does the work and I am happy but not satisfied. In my opinion there is nothing better than the essence lash princess mascara (drug store). Maybe it is the brush or the texture of the product. Although I would buy and use it again if the other one is sold out which happens very often.
NARS Mini Blush & Bronzer Duo  // The Nars blushes had been on my wish list for a long time now. I wanted to try out the color Orgasm but it was always sold out so you could probably imagine how happy I was when I found the blush/bronzer set at a Sephora in Spain. I totally love the pink blush. It is super soft to apply and creates such a nice and beautiful rose hue on my cheeks. Unfortunately I am not wearing pink that much but it has definitely increased. I do think it is a great duo for trying out their different itmes and not spending a fortune on buying two normal sized products.
DKNY Women perfume // I wanted this perfume for a long time but every time I went to purchase a new one I totally forgot about it until they had a set with a matching body lotion in a metallic shimmering box and it caught my eye. It is a fresh fragrance which is perfect for me to use when I had or get a migraine or overall have a bad head which happens from time to time. And also it doesn´t break the bank. I think the flask was only 25 Euro.
L’Oréal Paris X Isabel Marant Women’s Lipstick in color Palaid Royal Field // I have to admit I wasn´t as excited for this collaboration with Isabel Marant as I was with Balmain (read my post here). Also since I love red lipsticks there are so many shades I already have that I decided to take at least one nudish color but I also went with two awesome red shades (just can´t help it!!). Palais Royal Field is a classic and bright red and would make – in my opinon – the perfect Christmas Red. It is made of the typical L´Oréal quality so it goes on smooth, stays and has their typical scent. A good and cheap alternative to MAC or Bobbi Brown lipsticks.

The second red lipstick I got is called La Butte Marshall and I have worn it about 10 times since I got it. As much as I love a vibrant red shade I adore a darker red with a bluish undertone. Perfect for fall and winter and oh so chic.
And for the last one I finally got myself a nude shade. The color is called La Seine Shadow and I would say it has a rosy apricot undertone. I think it is really beautiful but it doesn´t show too much on my lips since they are so pigmented. Probably gonna try it again by putting some foundation underneath to even out the color.
That´s it for now. I really love trying out new products. These are from the drug store and also from the high-end retailer but most of the time I get lots of drug store stuff since they carry so many different brands and products. And now is finally the time where they also have Christmas decor and candles and cards and so on…. So I could spend half a day in there. 
Are there any makeup products you are interested in and want me try out?
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.    

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