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today we are talking a little skin care over here. You might know I have started to go to the beautician a few months before my wedding because I wanted my skin to look the best possible.

I have been going there ever since every month and my skin improved a lot. I really have to admit it . It does help a lot when your skin gets “cleaned out” of all the blackheads and pimples on a monthly base. I also enjoy my hour there a lot. It is my personal wellness for the day and so relaxing.

Talking to her about what I can do at home to make my skin look better and more flawless has also helped so I am sharing her top tips here today:

# 1 // Don´t drink unfiltered water from the pipes cause it is to dirty and it will reflect on your skin (better get yourself a water filter like from Brita – saves plastic bottles too).

# 2 // Don´t drink to much sparkling water – it overacidifies your body which is also bad for your skin.

# 3 // Help your skin to improve itself by taking zinc as a dietary supplement.

# 4 // Peel your face 2 x a week to make sure your skin doesn´t harden. It helps a lot for the skin cells to breathe and also takes away the old ones to help your skin renew itself.

# 5 // The two best ingredients in a lotion for acne prone skin are biotin and zinc (for example zinc is included in baby´s rash lotions).

#6 // Drink – if possible – 3 l of water/unsweetened tea/black coffee a day.

# 7 // Make sure to regularly get your skin cleaned out to maintain it and keep it at the same level.

# 8 // Try to eat not to much sugar, this is the same for fruit as they contain a lot of fructose and that isn´t the best for your skin either

# 9 // I also try to skip as much dairy as possible cause it is also supposed to be bad for your skin and to cause major breakouts and I overall feel better without it. My only weakness is queso!!

Also I have rounded-up all the products I am using currently in the widget below to fight my bad skin.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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