Bathroom Update – Wall Paint and Floating Shelves…


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Our bathroom has always been such an eyesore to me. It is dark, boring and although it is a huge room there is no space to put things and it also has hardly storage.

I have been trying to improve it and it has turned out better, at least the area I have updated. I changed decor, addded some paint and swapped out all the colorful towels and carpets for plain white pieces to add some light hues. Personally I hate the dark tiles but we don´t want to spend the time and money to change it since it isn´t that old and nothing is broken plus the dust and dirt for weeks will not be fun.

The changes I have made in our bathroom

First of all I added this gray pattern to the white wall because I didn´t want to paint it fully and I thought this might add some interest and I think it really does (I have found it on Alexa Anglins blog page). For the paint I just went with a middle gray hue that has been mixed already (the German version is Schöner Wohnen – Vollton- & Abtönfarbe in Gray).

I made my own mold out of a simple sponge. Just cut it with a  scissor. You are totally free in terms of size and shape this way. I have tested it out on cardboard until I was satisfied with it to go on the wall. It doesn´t have nor shouldn´t look perfect. That´s what makes it look interesting otherwise I could have gone with wallpaper.

Now on to decoration – these cute floating shelves are from Ikea (the shelf is called Bergshult and available in several sized and colors) and they are the perfect addition to the space. I decided to go with all gray cause the white ones looked a little cheap. They have a trim on the front side which makes them look way more expensive.

The decor is held in the all the colors the bathroom is – black, white and hues of gray. I have found some really special pieces that reflect the character of the room and give it a little live and interest.

Decorating a bathroom really isn´t the easiest task but in my opinion it turned out pretty great.