How I plan our Family Celebrations…


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Family celebrations are my thing. I love to plan and host holidays parties and also milestones from family members. There is just something so festive and sentimental about each and every celebration. But how and where to start cause there are a million big and small things to do before. I love to lay out all the things I have gotten so far on the same table to see how they will go toghether. This gives an impression on what won´t work, what I still need and how much space it is taking up.

How I plan our family celebrations

Color Theme and Invitations

The first thing I start with is the color. For me it is always the color theme and then I build around it. For Emilia´s baptism it was totally clear to me that I wanted an all blush theme so I went and picked invitations and ideas for a cake in the colors I wanted it to be and got the rest from there.

For Helena´s baptism I wanted the majority of things to be in a gorgeous eucalyptus shade. I always loved the way this frosted green looked and now is finally the time I can use it for her big day.

The invitations are from I get all of our cards there. Our first Christmas card was printed by them as well as our wedding invitations and everything for following events. The quality and service is always perfect, the shipping is fast and the price is very reasonable for the gorgeous cards.

Table Setting and Decor

After that I start planning on the table scape / setting. For this event we don´t have a classical seating around our dinner table causer there will be too many people so I made the dinner table the main focus with the decor, the flowers and all the food. So for eating and drinking we are going to use bar tables all around the living room. Of course there will also be decor there but way less. 

The cake is going to be the main attraction and from there I am building around with vases and beautiful flowers and  candle holders. I love sequins so I got these emerald green table runner from etsy. They are a little darker than the actual colors I am using but they fit great. Having the cupcakes, napkins and cake equipment on one side and the etagere with little sandwiches and plates on the other.

Putting the drinks on a bart cart seperate from the dinner table was one of the best ideas cause it will be less crowded everywhere. I think I am adding a little hot chocolate station cause in the midst of November what hot drink could be more fitting.

So for backdrops I have had several things. From a tassel garland to a ballon arch to paper rosettes but the ballons are definitely my favorite.


Nursery Decor – Etsy Favorites – Baby….


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Our girl´s room was such a heartfelt project. I loved every second I spent planning, working and decorating in there always thinking how my two girls will grow up together in their beautiful shared room.

All of the decor pieces I put into the shelf are picked with a meaning behind. Most of them are from etsy. My number one online place for personalized and special pieces you won´t get at any other place.

Sentimental / Memorable Pieces

I am sentimental in every way. I look at certain pieces and pictures or clothes from my kids and get tears in my eyes immediately by remembering the special moments. They grow up so fast and I try to keep as much as possible cause time is truly a thief. I have kept almost all of the girls important and meaningful pieces from their birth like their hospital bands and first name tags. 

Both of my girls have one of the shelves reserved for their things like personalized pieces and special gifts. Also pictures of them from their first weeks of life. I just can´t believe how little they once were.


Decorative Pieces to play with

These are the ones I incorporated throughout the whole shelf which are meant to play with but also have a decorative character like the wooden rainbow, the tea set or the Claris books. The tea set is Emilia´s favorite piece in her room. She loves to play picnic with her stuffed animals and her dad and this one comes in handy. It is ceramic but I told her to handle it carefully and so far she does. The Claris books are the cutest in my opinion, they work great as background for the shelves. The look-and-find books are the best to learn new words and things from the chic and fashionable world Claris lives in.



Hidden or decorative storage is a huge space saver cause it serves as two pieces in one. Baskets work always in your favor. First of all you can´t spot what it´s in there and second of all you can choose styles plus it won´t look less cluttered with baskets in a shelf. If your children are still little it is much easier for them to tidy up by themselves.

Etsy Finds: wooden train / roses in frame / name tag Helena / name tag Emilia / round wooden sign 


Our Little Coffee Corner at Home…


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I just love my morning coffee. It is one of the little things I cherish everday over and over. The first sip of coffee is like a huge burst of energy running through my veins I just can´t describe this feeling. Also in my opinion the first coffee of the day tastes best. No matter where you get it in which way you decide to drink it. I always have a black coffee with a splash of fat free milk but if we are out for breakfast I´ll get a cappuccino and if we are at Starbucks I´ll usually have a vanilla latte. 3 super boring coffee orders but that´s just me. I like it simple and sometimes with a little twist.

Now let´s move on to our coffee corner I have created over the years we have lived in our house and to this day I think it is the perfect spot to make my morning coffee. I can wait for the coffee maker to heat up while breathing in fresh morning air from the window besides and I can also have a look outside how the weather is doing (or sometimes what the neighbours are doing 😉 ).

We have a very simple coffee maker and it is totally fine. There are different coffee pads you can purchase, also from huge coffee brands like Dallmayr or Jacobs. Another option you also have is a hot chocolate version which is also very yummy and calorie reduced cause it is made with hot water.

I personally love to have a clear theme so I got a coffee picture, some coffee themed books and a coffee candle that turned out to be the best smelling candle I have ever lit. The customized go-to Starbucks cups are from etsy. You can shop them here. The black and white mugs add some contrast. Now the upper shelf contains a cute fake plant and a wooden box where all of my teas are in. The white travel mug is from Emsa and my favorite brand. Never leaks and keeps my coffee hot.

The shelving system is Ikea. The shelves are called Burhult and the holder are called Ramshult.



Bathroom Update – Wall Paint and Floating Shelves…


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Our bathroom has always been such an eyesore to me. It is dark, boring and although it is a huge room there is no space to put things and it also has hardly storage.

I have been trying to improve it and it has turned out better, at least the area I have updated. I changed decor, addded some paint and swapped out all the colorful towels and carpets for plain white pieces to add some light hues. Personally I hate the dark tiles but we don´t want to spend the time and money to change it since it isn´t that old and nothing is broken plus the dust and dirt for weeks will not be fun.

The changes I have made in our bathroom

First of all I added this gray pattern to the white wall because I didn´t want to paint it fully and I thought this might add some interest and I think it really does (I have found it on Alexa Anglins blog page). For the paint I just went with a middle gray hue that has been mixed already (the German version is Schöner Wohnen – Vollton- & Abtönfarbe in Gray).

I made my own mold out of a simple sponge. Just cut it with a  scissor. You are totally free in terms of size and shape this way. I have tested it out on cardboard until I was satisfied with it to go on the wall. It doesn´t have nor shouldn´t look perfect. That´s what makes it look interesting otherwise I could have gone with wallpaper.

Now on to decoration – these cute floating shelves are from Ikea (the shelf is called Bergshult and available in several sized and colors) and they are the perfect addition to the space. I decided to go with all gray cause the white ones looked a little cheap. They have a trim on the front side which makes them look way more expensive.

The decor is held in the all the colors the bathroom is – black, white and hues of gray. I have found some really special pieces that reflect the character of the room and give it a little live and interest.

Decorating a bathroom really isn´t the easiest task but in my opinion it turned out pretty great.

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