5 Pieces that´ll add more Elegance to your Daily Style…


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I have always loved browsing looks on Pinterest or Instagram and somehow I always like the elegant looks the most. Muted colors, expensive materials and timeless pieces so I wanted to incorporate some of them into my daily looks cause although I have too little children it doesn´t mean I can´t look polished. 



I would say a black or nude pointed toe heel is a super elegant shoe and works with literally everything but to be honest the days where I wear these everyday are over (at least for now) cause chasing after two little kids with high heels is just not possible so I got the defused version. A black pointed toe ballet flat and also a nude pair of sling back flats. 


Some bag styles are the epitome of a elegant and classic look for me. If you want to invest in a luxury version I would suggest to go with a color that fits most of your outfits. Beige, cognac brown or black are the basics but if you wear a lot of muted colors you could probably add a red bag as well for a pop of color since red is such a timeless color. A sturdy bag that stands on its own is always a more elegant than some kind of slouchy bag. The shape is also very important. A Lady Dior, Birkin or Kelly Bag for example are the the most elegant I could think of. For a shoulder bag Chanel always comes to my mind but if you can´t invest that much I would suggest Tory Burch. They also have super elegant and similar pieces for a fraction of the price.


A trenchcoat is a very classic piece to wear and immediately adds a huge amount of sophistication to your look. It is a piece that thas been around for many years and will go nowhere for the next centuries. Even the top designer of the world have never grown old of the trenchcoats in their lines. Mine is fromH&M and far from high fashion but I still feel very polished when I wear it. If you are more on the sporty side I would say go with a quilted jacket (no hood) in a subtle color or a thin wool coat in a straight cut and a blazer collar. 


There is nothing that can beat a white blouse. Literally nothing. A white blouse always looks classy and fresh. You look dressed with a white blouse and are for many ocassions. I always long for a white blouse when I just don´t know what to wear and it has never failed me. There are many many styles out there which explains why I have gathered quite the collection. I have some oversized and longer pieces, fitted and shorter ones, ones with huge collars or a subtle print. 


Jewelry should be subtle. No elegant, sophisticated high society lady has ever worn dozens of huge golden and diamond studded necklaces and huge blingy watches where your arms get tired of the weight. A classic and small watch it is. Often times even with a leather bracelet in an elegant color like black, cognac brown, oxblood or a dark forest green. For earrings I would suggest small diamond studs, golden hoops (not to big) or pearls. It is about versatility here. 

Do you have a favorite to add to your daily outfits ? The easiest might be the bag and classic jewelry