Fake Lashes #2 – update on tools and reviewing new styles…


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here we are again with another lash review. I can´t believe I have tried so many different styles already but to be honest as great as many of them are I am always gravitating to my favorites which are Harley and Primrose. You can read more abou them here.

I have very short lashes and am not used to my eyes without lashes. I had lash extensions for a very short amount of time. Only two months. I had them made a few weeks before Emilia´s birth but unfortunately the pandemic crossed my way and all of the lashes fell out. After everything opended up again I wasn´t able to sit for almost three hours with a newborn so that fell short.

Fake Lashes Part 2

Red Cherry – style Trace

Price: 3,95 €

I actually had these for a long time but never put them on but cause they seem huge but if you have a special event or are just here for the drama these are perfect.

human hair, clear silicone band, definitely here for the drama, great to wear with or without additional mascara


Ardell – style Baby Wispies

Price: 5, 00 €

clear silicone band, short but thick, these are your everyday lashes, very natural looking


 Kiss – style Ritzy

Price: 5,95 €

clear silicone band, tapered end, thick, these would be in the middle for me – nto to dramatic but not to short either, a glue is included here but I don´t like it – always end up using my favorite


Catrice – style Red

Price: 3,99 €

can´t share a style name here cause Catrice only offers different colored boxes, the lashes are definitley longer than your usual but super dainty, great for work or everyday styling, very affordable, hold up very well, clear silicone band


Red Cherry – style Balencia 

Price: 3,95 Euro

they look huge but they are spread pretty thin so they aren´t overwhelming at all, maybe not your everday lashes but still cute and more on the natural side
To be honest I liked all of them and might get them again from time to time but my ride or die lashes are still the ones I shared in my lash review #1. 

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