Colorful Spring Fashion Finds + Styled Outfits (Ideas to wear)…

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Spring is right around the corner (we actually already had a handfull of warm days which totally got me into all things Spring and where I decided that I am done with Witner once and for all) and what better way to welcome it than with a fitting wardrobe with lots of happy colors.


Ruffle Skirt and Berry…



Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating today. In is not a holiday in Germany so we had a normal day like every other Thursday.

So let´s chat about this cute outfit. Winter is hard and long so adding some color as a mood boost is crucial. 

I personally am not a huge fan of short skirts. I have a few and love them but my heart goes out to midi skirt but this cute ruffle number is amazing. Colorwise and stylewise. 

The skirt has several pretty and vibrant colors but I decided to go with a berry sweater for this look.




Dark Florals Trend…


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Dark florals is one of the latest trends I have very interested in. I personally love a flower pattern no matter the blossom but most of them are really light or colorful and don´t fit Winter so great so this one really hits the season. 

I have paired this gorgeous midi dress with a black knit poncho and black overknee boots. I personally think a flower print is most versatile cause there are usually three to five colors in a print so you can combine pieces in each color to the dress which gives you minimal 5 chances to style it differently. 

This is such a cute Winter look to wear into an office or running errands (but with maybe flat boots). 


Cable Knits and Plaid…


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Oh how I love a plaid piece of clothing. There is just something about a piece of plaid and wintertime that fits so well.

This would be the perfect style for Thanksgiving. Colorwise and also comfortable. The a-line skirt works great with the slightly oversized but cropped cable knit sweater. The whole look is comfy but oh so trendy and offers lots of room for all the delicious foods.

We are having our Friendsgiving / Christmas Dinner next week cause with all the children and jobs and life there is literally no other way than this one date but that is fine with me as long as we are together having good food and fun.

Also I have lots of Christmas content planned and am going to shoot the majority on the weekend. There is also one gift guide coming including all the people I am shopping for but this will be the one and only I make.

Are you planning on hosting Thanksgiving / Friendsgiving or a Christmas Dinner ?

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