French inspired lace trim shirt and Mary Janes…


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Isn´t Fall the best season to shot out in natue? The turning leaves make the most beautiful backdrops. 

I peronally loved this outfit a lot. I have gotten the cute lace shirt some weeks ago and totally forgot about it cause it was so hot outside and not really the perfect weather to wear but now…

I mean how cute is it!!! The cut, the white lace trim in contrast to the black and the pearl buttons. 

The pants I am wearing here are actually an Instagram add find. I am such a sucker when it comes to these, but this time I am actually pretty happy I ordered one piece to try. They look like jeans but they are really comfortable and super stretchy. The brand is called Halara and has dozens of different styles and colors of pants available. You can check the site out here and the style of pant I am wearing (it is the Halara Magic high waisted crossover in a normal length, could have done petite as well in size L) above here. Make sure to check meassurements before you order.

Now let´s talk about shoes – square toe shoes and Mary Janes have been all the rage this year but let´s have a look at a combined version in shiny patent leather. I mean….. (insert heart eye emojis here)!!!!


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