DIY Monster Bait (Halloween Crunch)…


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Halloween  might be one of the best holidays cause it is all about sweet treats. Since I am not a huge chocolate bar fan I decided to adjust my crunch recipe to match the spooky season and maybe catch some little monsters in my home. 

I have made crunch for almost every holiday now but I have to admit Halloween and Christmas are the two most fun.

It is fairly easy to make the crunch. Just add all the materials into a bowl and mix it with white chcolate (you could also use dark chocolate but in my opinion the white one looks better with all the sprinkles and decor). I have used little pretzels, macadamia nuts and cereal. 

For decoration I went with little chocolate chunks, M&M´s and sugar eyes. The orange and the candy eyes are what make it truly a Halloween crunch.

For me the upcoming holidays and seasons are the best of the year. I do not mind warm weather and flowers at all but there is something so magical and whimsical about misty Fall mornings, falling leaves, the cool and fresh air and all the pumpkin decor. Taking a walk with a hot beverage and watching the Fall foliage will be something I enjoy forever.