Easter Basket Prep – What to gift the adults in your family…


Hello guys,

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Easter is right around the corner and I hope you don´t mind asking but are you prepped in terms of Easter egg hunt, the brunch, the table set up and so much more??? Don´t worry I was either but I am now, so I got you covered. Today we are talking about little Easter nests to surprise the folks in your life you want to gift something. From scented candles to delicious chocolates to luxurious body products and little personlized things, these are all the small things that make life worth it and which can easily be put in Easter baskets and also look great.

The Easter Baskets

So to start with, I got these cute Easter baskets made of willow wood. They are super inexpensive and available everywhere. Second of all I got a sack of hay at the animal store to fill the baskets. I have used the green colored Easter grass for years but I think the smell of hay is so much better and much more bunny like. After padding out the nests with the hay it is time to fill it with the little gifts I got.

The Gifts

Yankee Candles are mostly my go-to for little gifts since they have probably every theme/holiday/season you could long for. Another item I adore to add to gift baskets are body products. I ended up with a bunch of Yves Rocher products from the organic line cause they match the color theme so great and also are made of awesome quality and everybody likes them.

Miniature plates are the coolest thing I have seen in a while and I think they are so much fun. I got these for all of the guys cause they probably would´t be too happy with body products or candles. I got these off from ebay. The mini plates are personalized to every car plate we have in our family.

Chocolate bunnies or chocolate eggs should not be missed in every easter basket and I always get the Lindt easter bunnies cause in my opinion the chocolate has the best taste and quality and they also offer white and dark chocolate which is something we definitely need cause everyones preferences are different. 

I really like prepping Easter baskets as I think it is much easier than wrapping all the gifts we buy for Christmas also it leads us closer to Spring and better weather/temperatures. Overall I really enjoy hosting our Easter brunch every year. Seeing the whole family come together and chat and brunch and enjoy themselves really makes me happy.

Have you already made plans for Easter ?? Or packed the Easter baskets?

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Food Friday – Carrot Cake Cupcakes for Easter….



Happy Friday sweet friends,

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when you read this I am probably already out and running errands. I have a long list today and I am not sure if I can tick off every little thing but let´s see. I still need to get some things for our trip and I also have some appointments today. Also I am trying out make pulled pork at home for our cuban sandwiches for dinner tonight. Let´s see how this will work out.

But anyways, since Easter is right around the corner and you want to try something new regarding your Easter bruch traditions today is the day. I have made my famous carrot cake for years and always in the shape of an actual cake but for this year I wanted to make it a little cuter and went with carrot cake cupcakes instead.

The recipe absolutely stays the same (you can view it here) I just filled the batter into a smaller cake tin. I used 1 tablespoon of batter for each which made about 24 cupcakes. The frosting also stays the same, the only difference it that you should probably use a piping bag to add it onto the cool cupcakes.

I garnished them with marzipan carrots but in fact you can use whatever spring or easter like animal/food you prefer.

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Casual Valentine´s Day Style…

pullover via Galeria Kaufhof other ones here and here / pants Asos old similar here and here / leopard print booties H&M old similar here and here / handbag David Jones old similar here and here / belt H&M sold out similar here and here


Hello my colorblocking friends,

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I know not everyone has to work on Valentine´s Day or has a strict dresscode at the office so this look is for you. A casual Valentine´s day look including red and a bold shade of pink.

The Look

I got this sweater two weeks ago and I love it. It is perfect for Valentine´s. It is super soft and fits true to size (wearing a size 36). The brand is called manguun collection and it was also super affordable. You could also easily wear it with a pencil skirt and a blazer jacket to smuggle it into your office surroundings. I have paired it with a little matching bag I got two years ago. It has such a great size for a date night bag but also to wear it as a crossbody. The lipstick I am wearing in the pictures above is called Paris Cherry and it is from L´Oréal but I think you could also wear Rebel from MAC to match the color of the sweater. I paired it with pants to keep it super casual (and it was also freezing cold this day) and to add a little fanciness I went with a pair of leopard print booties.

Do you have any plans for Valentine´s day yet ? We are going to stay in this year and treat ourselves to a huge pizza and some chinese food from some restaurants we get food frequently. I have to admit I am really looking forward to it. Lighting my favorite candles and having a glass of bubbly. 

I am so looking forward to it. It is one week away from now. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more Valentine´s day content, also check out my Gift Guide and if you need some sweet treats my Red Velvet Cupcakes or Raspberry Macarons post.

Also I didn´t see that my belt wasn´t tight enough during the shoot, but I think you can all imagine how it looks properly worn.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.


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