Mother´s Day Gift Guide…


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Mother´s Day is right around the corner ( exactly 6 days away) so I wanted to share a little gift guide with y´all including lot´s of pieces I would be happy to receive (or already have) plus they will arrive before Sunday so that is another yay here.

Although I think there shouldn´t just be one day where mom´s are appreciated cause we really do it all but it is nice to have a full day.

Weekender Bag // Just got this in and I love it. It is super spacious and would also make a great diaper bag is you have more children and lots of stuff to carry. It is customizable so you can also get your name or initials.

Embroidered Denim Jacket // How adorable is this embroidered and embellished denim jacket. It is pricey but I mean a denim jacket is a timeless staple and once a mom always a mom so this would work for years to come.

Mama Tumbler // This is acutally a sticker download you can stick to any kind of tumbler you would like. A great idea for a last minute gift.

Mama Sweater // I have several mom sweaters and they are great for a casual style or a at home look. Why not show that you are a mom. 

Customizable Robe // Available in lots of color and customizable on the back. You can have the name of your mom or just mom on the back. 

Rituals Set // The Sakura is my favorite of all the Rituals scents. It is subtle but oh so good and stays on for a long time. Also the sets always come in the most adorable gift boxes.

Mom Mug // A super cute mug for the everyday coffee or tea drinker.

Mom Life T-Shirt // I got this the year I became a mom and I still love it. Available in a several colors but the pink was my favorite.

Mama Necklace // I got this the time around I was pregnant with Emilia and still wear it till today. It is small and dainty and will fit in great with your everyday jewelry.

Photo Memory Box // We have thousands of photos on our phones but never print any but this would make the perfect opportunity to print out all the pretty and memorable picutres from years ago and it is also a pretty gift box to collect further pictures.

Most of the pieces are still available until Saturday. 


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Easter DIY – Flower Baskets for the Easter Egg Hunt or to gift…


Easter is right arond the corner but that doesn´t mean there isn´t some time left for a quick and easy Easter DIY. Make your Easter basket outstanding for the Easter Egg hunt or gift it to one of your loved ones who deserves a special piece.

All you need for this a basket, some fake flowers, cute plastic eggs and a hot glue gun. This is all I used. Very inexpensive and you will probably still get everything you need last minute.

Are you guys ready for Easter? All we have left to do is set the table and get groceries. 

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Easter Basket Ideas for Little Kids (Age 2)…


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Putting together gift baskets is a favorite of mine especially since having Emilia. Finding cute little kids gifts is so much fun and she is always so happy and excited when she gets a basket for a holiday.

So since Easter is next week already I am in full force preparing Easter content for you and this post might be one of my favorites so far. We don´t want to go overboard for Emilia´s Easter presents cause it was her birthday a week ago and she got so so many gifts plus in my opinion it should have good size to hide outside.

What to put into a kids Easter basket

I always try to add as many different things as possible to my baskets so for Emilia´s Easter basket I went with a bunch of cute little things:

Sidewalk chalk // This might be super fun for Spring and Summer. She loves to draw and paint and this way our little artist can draw outside as well.

Stuffed bunny // A little bunny is a must in my opinion so I got her this cute little fellow. It is super soft and so sweet.

Easter books // Emilia loves books. Any kind of book she goes crazy about so I went with these two Easter themed books she will really enjoy.

Chocolate lamb // Of course we need some chocolate for Easter. I am not going to fill the eggs for our Easter egg hunt with chocolate so this little pink lamb will have to do the trick.

Peter Rabbit Tonie // Listening to music or stories on our Tony box is always a huge hit. A Easter themed Tony like Peter Rabbit who is telling all the stories of the characters from the Peter Rabbit Easter book I got her last year will hopefully be as cute as the book and bring some Easter spirit.

Doll clothes and sleep sack // Emilia has become a real doll “mom” recently and loves to care for all of her dolls so I got her a sleep sack to put her favorite doll to sleep as well as a surpise egg with an outfit for one of her little dolls.

Easter themed cookies // I have found these little carrot shaped cookies at our local drug store and thought they would be great to fit the theme and also a great alternative for chocolate.

Other things which are great to add are little figurines from Schleich, Duplo or Playmobil 123 or clothes. For Spring themed things are really nice as well as pieces for swimming. Sandbox toys are also always a big hit. 

Are you already done prepping for Easter or are you still looking for the perfect pieces for your kids Easter baskets ? The basket I am using here is the same I have used for the Valentine´s Day things. I got it from an Etsy shop. You can order it here.

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Delicious Bunny Bait as an Easter Treat…


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With Easter right around the corner I just can´t wait for all the delicious treats that come along our way and also for our big Easter brunch. I still have some other recipes I wanted to share with you but I couldn´t wait for the Bunny Bait cause it is so easy, funny and yummy plus it is amazing to gift to your family and friends. 

Colorwise there are endless possibilities but to make it Easter appropriate I went with green, yellow and orange. It looks so beautiful and springy I just love it. 

For our Bunny Bait I have used:

– mini pretzels

– macadamia nuts

– oat pillows 

– sprinkle mix Easter themed 

– crunch balls 

– M&M´s 

– white choclate

Quantities aren´t really that important here. I have used one cup of all the main ingredients and the sprinkles and M&M´s just to cover the crunch.

You can add and take away as many as you want. I have also made a Reel that you can watch on my Instagram account if you are interested. 

First I mix all the dry ingredients, then I put in the chocolate and stir, stir, stir. After that I spread the whole batter on a sheet pan and evenly distribute the sprinkles, crunch balls, M&M´s and everything else you want to use to decorate. Now you have to wait until the chocolate hardends. It can take up some hours. 

Then I break it into little pieces to put into Weck jars to keep it fresh or if you want to gift it you can put it into little paper or plastic bags. Also if you want to gift it for Easter you can definitely put on some bunny shaped tags. 

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