My monthly beauty favorites and must-haves for September….


Hi guys,

happy Saturday and welcome to another monthly favorites. I haven´t done one in quite a while cause I did not have so many new products and the ones I got new I had to try out first cause otherwise I would not know what to write about to you if I did not test them first.

L´oréal Paris nailpolish in 668 bleu royale and 334 violet de nuit
The nailpolishes from L´oréal are my favorite ones ever. The quality is great. The colors are really pigmented even the very light ones and for the price of 8 Euros for one you can´t complain about a single thing. Also the packaging is pretty. The structured glass bottle with a golden cap.

Dr. Hauschka melissa balm for the day / melissa face oil for the day
I ordered a set of their clarifying prodcuts to test them out and the only thing I have used so far is the melissa balm and the melissa oil for the day. And it is great I think I like the oil even more cause it leaves a smoother and drier feeling on my skin than the balm . Just can recommend these. They are on the pricier side but they really help me since I am longtime fighter against my bad skin. I have a full post for these products when I am done testing.

NYX butter glosses in Éclair / Crème Brulée / Maple Blondie
I found these on Katey McFarlan´s Instagram story and she was recommending theme so badly that I had to have them and they are only 6 Euros so I gave them a try. I am always a little cautious with lip gloss cause I don´t like the sticky feel of the most of them. The quality is really good. The leave a soft feeling on your lips and don´t stick at all. I might get them in some darker shades as well as the light ones are not as pigmented as I thought although they are a hit.

L´oréal Paris Color Riche matte lipsticks in 103 Blush in a Rush and 349 Paris Cherry
There is not much to say about them. I love them, especially the matte ones. The colors are all so beautiful and I love to get my hands on new ones. I got a darker red for fall season and the blush shade for all the time. I hope I can get my hands on one or two of the Balmain x L ´oréal collection which is going to be released at the end of  September.

Living Proof no frizz weightless styling spray
Buying another product of their brand wasn´t intended cause I had the hairspray from the no frizz line of Living Proof and my mom did not like it all and also said it wasn´t working. She has really frizzy hair. I think she might have invented it. But I have read a great post about it on Gal meets Glam in the summer and I didn´t want to let go of the idea that this brand wasn´t working. So I gave it another shot and I am so glad I did cause it is the perfect product for me – almost couldn´t believe it. I am using this spray for second day hair after I curled them. Mostly they are standing in every direction and they tend to be pretty dry and tousled the next morning. That is the hard core case to solve for the product and it worked so well. I sprayed it on and let is set for a few minutes and my hair got shiny and soft. It was easy to comb and I could get some pretty waves from the leftover curls (otherwise I would have to make a bun out of it cause that is all that works in this case). It is a little pricey – costs about 30 Euro – but I would buy this over and over again. Incredible good.

EOS Vanilla Orchid extra hydrating hand lotion
I have found this by coincidence. I just needed a new handlotion for my handbag. I do like the EOS handbalms cause they look cute and their fragrances smell so good but they aren´t as hydrating as I would wish for. But the packaging said that it was for extra dry hands. I haven´t found it on the Internet so far so maybe you have to look at the drug store if you want it. Did not use it but the smell is really good. Somehow it already reminds me of Christmas.

Smashbox Highlighter palette
This wasn´t a planed product, in fact I was never interested in this highlighter palette. I wanted the highlighter palette from Tarte Cosmetics but they sold out and never restocked them so I searched for an alternative and I found this one. Now that I tried it out I like it a lot. I got it in the shade combination pearl and it is such a good product. The colors are so pigmented. This might last for a few years. They also have a more golden color combination too. The palette is a collaboration with a youtube beauty star and Smashbox. It costs about 37 Euro and I think it is worth every penny.

Vichy Liftactiv Yeux
I wanted to try this eye cream from Vichy for so long. Since I had read about it on Mara´s blog M loves M some months ago. But I still had an open eye cream and I wanted to use this one up first. But let´s move on to today. I ordered it from amazon (that was the only possible way to get it without heading into the mall – this brand is only sold by pharmacies in Germany).
L´oréal Paris dry shampoo
First of all I didn´t even know that L´oréal also sells dry shampoo´s. I first read about it in an beauty secrets article and I wanted to try it cause I am always on the hunt for a better dry shampoo. I love it. The product smells so incredible good and I think it doesn´t put to much white dust onto your hair.  I got some more from amazon but they are also available on Douglas. 
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Hair tutorial – how I curl my hair and the products I am using….

^usually it was about the hair style but I kind of liked the outfit so….^

^first I section off my strands and I take those clips to keep them in place^

^I use heat protection spray for every layer befor I start to curl^

^I take out thin strands and comb them befor I start to curl –
always curling with the wand up (I know many might curl with the wand upside down but I prefer this – you have to find this out by yourself – also I am not using the clamp on the curling wand, I just wrap it around and hold it by myself for about 10 seconds)^

^I curl from the back to the front and from the bottom to the top to make sure I don´t forget a hair strand^

^for every layer I already curled I am using haispray so they will hold their shape^

^usually I don´t take a brush to comb through, I just take my fingers which works just fine for me (only brushing through on the second day cause the curls aren´t that pretty anymore then and when I comb them they turn to be pretty waves^

^last step is to use some hairspray to let the curls set in and make them last longer^

^et voilà^

hair clips amazon / Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual / book Lauren Conrad Beauty amazon


Hi guys,

I have really been into curling my hair lately. There are always different kinds of hairstyles I love and others I don´t but that changes throughout the year or the years. And in fact I am coming back to each hairstyle from time to time.

So in today´s post I am sharing how I curl my hair and which products I use.
I have natural wavy hair which means if I let it air dry after washing it takes about three hours and I get half curls. The curls are half curly and half wavy and that looks pretty dumb. Also my hair looks really frizzy when it dries without any help (I had the prettiest curls as a little girl and also almost white hair).

Curling my hair works best if I start with fresh dry hair. So washing my hair before is a real must. As I have such dry scapl I am using the L´oréal anti-dandruff shampoo series. Since they don´t have a conditioner (which would be available in Germany) I am using an argan oil lotion afterwards and let it set in. I got this hair serum from Logona which makes my hair incredibly soft and silky. The main ingridient is argan oil so it also smells incredible good (and it is under 10€).

Before curling I am using the heat protection spray from GHD or the morrocan hair oil from Lee Stafford.

The curling wand I am using is the Remington keratin therapy pro curl. The barrel only has a diameter of 19 mm which make pretty small and curly curls. But if you comb through them (I only do that with my fingers) after they cooled they are really beautiful.

For the finishing touch I am using the Elnett De Luxe hairspray. This is my favorite hairspray since I was 16.

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My top 8 summer beauty must haves….


Happy (finally) Friday guys,

if you had the view I am having today you would also think that this post is a little ironic (at least for today). It is raining cats and dogs and it only has 12 degrees so there is nothing about summer and hot days in the middle of August today.

But since we are still in the middle of summer (at least on the calendar) I am sharing my top 8 beauty prodcuts with you today. 

 Beauty products are differing from season to season as the climate and the temperatures change, so your skin and your body has different needs. I have rounded up all items I am currently using.

1. EOS – lipbalm with spf – grapefruit
I have been loving those little round lip balms since I saw them the first time in the US back in 2010. Ever since I have been using them all the time. You will always find one in my bathroom, at my night stand or in my handbag. They have new scents for their summer editions every year and I really like that they include SPF.

2. 4711 – fragranced towelettes 
This is one of my favorite scents for summer. It is such a fresh and light scent. This one is an all time classic and my mom used it when she was a teenager so this brand existst for a really long time now. They also have new summer editions for their perfumes every year. This year I got the towelettes. A package contains 16 pieces and I am using them on the go for a perfume touch up or just for a quick refreshment.

3. Treaclemoon – shower gel these lemonade days
Especially in summer I love the light and fruity shower 

4. Yves Rocher – shower gel grapefruit from Florida

5. Escada – perfume “Fiesta Carioca”
The first perfume I have ever owned was from Escada. It was called “Island Kiss” and I loved it. Sadly it was only for one season but they brought it out again a few years later so I stocked up on this but I am also testing the new one every year and I think they smell pretty similar which make them almost all a pretty hit. 

6. Yves Rocher –  Monoi de Tahiti –  shimmering body oil
I would call this my staple body oil for. I have been using and purchasing this for the 3rd year now and I still love it. Especially for vacation. It just has the right amount of glow and sparkle for tan skin. And the smell is oh so good.

7. Manhattan – pink lipstick color – fun fuchsia
You at least have to have one neon lipstick for summer whether it is a bold pink or orange or a vibrant red tone.

8. Korres –  red vine sun protection spray for hair 
I had been searching through a lot of local drug store for a sun protection spray for my hair but I was really disapointed that I only found one and the smell was just disgusting. So I went online and got this spray from Korres. You can use it right after washing your hair but also when it is dry. It is developed in Greece so it might be perfect for Germany cause we don´t have as much sun as they do over there. Haven´t used it only a few times since I got it so I might do a full review in my next favorites. 
(this product isn´t in the picutres cause it arrived a few days after shooting)

Yankee Candle – summer peach

As I am a candle hoarder and looking for new scents every season it is no surprise that I had to try out this summer scent. And peaches are one of the less fruit I really like.


L´oréal Paris – Elvital Planta Clear Anti – Dandruff for itching and hurting scalp….


Hi guys,

(post contains links/Werbung/Markennennung/Beitrag enthält Links-not sponsored)
since I can think back I always had issues with my skin. I was suffering from Neurodermatitis when I was a baby/child. It has gone away to 95 %. I still have some areas where my skin gets dry and itchy sometimes that is why I am not using every drug store lotion I find. I always need a product which gives me the best hydration to prevent the spots from getting dry and start to itch.

About 2 months from now my scalp started to itch from using the wrong shampoo and conditioner and I also got dandruffs. This is nothing you want to have especially not for Spring when you can´t wear hats anymore. Maybe this came from my current shampoo or from the humidity changing so rapid from Winter to Spring. So I did some research online and I found a product I haven´t heard before. I knew the Elvital hair products from L´oréal but that they had this line was totally new to me.

I am now using the Planta Clear series. I got the shampoo with a calming effect (they have 3 different types) and a 7 day scalp lotion (this is a spray with different ingrdients).

They offer three different shampoos. One to freshen up, one to calm down and one to balance your scalp. I am using the one to calm down my scalp cause that matched my needs the most. Maybe some day I can switch to the fresh one. The scent is great. 

Another thing I am using is the seven day scalp lotion. This is a spray with different oils and other ingredients in it. First I was a little speptical because I thought this would make my hairline greasy but it really doesn´t and my hair is smelling so fresh. Those two products work really well for me and the itching has totally stopped. I am really glad I found this. 

Thanks for stopping by. 
Take care. See you.