My top 8 summer beauty must haves….


Happy (finally) Friday guys,

if you had the view I am having today you would also think that this post is a little ironic (at least for today). It is raining cats and dogs and it only has 12 degrees so there is nothing about summer and hot days in the middle of August today.

But since we are still in the middle of summer (at least on the calendar) I am sharing my top 8 beauty prodcuts with you today. 

 Beauty products are differing from season to season as the climate and the temperatures change, so your skin and your body has different needs. I have rounded up all items I am currently using.

1. EOS – lipbalm with spf – grapefruit
I have been loving those little round lip balms since I saw them the first time in the US back in 2010. Ever since I have been using them all the time. You will always find one in my bathroom, at my night stand or in my handbag. They have new scents for their summer editions every year and I really like that they include SPF.

2. 4711 – fragranced towelettes 
This is one of my favorite scents for summer. It is such a fresh and light scent. This one is an all time classic and my mom used it when she was a teenager so this brand existst for a really long time now. They also have new summer editions for their perfumes every year. This year I got the towelettes. A package contains 16 pieces and I am using them on the go for a perfume touch up or just for a quick refreshment.

3. Treaclemoon – shower gel these lemonade days
Especially in summer I love the light and fruity shower 

4. Yves Rocher – shower gel grapefruit from Florida

5. Escada – perfume “Fiesta Carioca”
The first perfume I have ever owned was from Escada. It was called “Island Kiss” and I loved it. Sadly it was only for one season but they brought it out again a few years later so I stocked up on this but I am also testing the new one every year and I think they smell pretty similar which make them almost all a pretty hit. 

6. Yves Rocher –  Monoi de Tahiti –  shimmering body oil
I would call this my staple body oil for. I have been using and purchasing this for the 3rd year now and I still love it. Especially for vacation. It just has the right amount of glow and sparkle for tan skin. And the smell is oh so good.

7. Manhattan – pink lipstick color – fun fuchsia
You at least have to have one neon lipstick for summer whether it is a bold pink or orange or a vibrant red tone.

8. Korres –  red vine sun protection spray for hair 
I had been searching through a lot of local drug store for a sun protection spray for my hair but I was really disapointed that I only found one and the smell was just disgusting. So I went online and got this spray from Korres. You can use it right after washing your hair but also when it is dry. It is developed in Greece so it might be perfect for Germany cause we don´t have as much sun as they do over there. Haven´t used it only a few times since I got it so I might do a full review in my next favorites. 
(this product isn´t in the picutres cause it arrived a few days after shooting)

Yankee Candle – summer peach

As I am a candle hoarder and looking for new scents every season it is no surprise that I had to try out this summer scent. And peaches are one of the less fruit I really like.

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