Coffee Table Decoration Ideas…..

Hi guys

I always loved – and still do love hosting all kinds of events like a brunch, a dinner or just an afternoon coffee meeting. Last thing we had yesterday. I had my whole family over for coffee and of course for some delicious cake to show them the new house we are living now ( – for gods sake it is already done). I had been thinking a lot upfront about the table decoration and I decided to go with an outisde theme as we were sitting on the patio. As I had this nice coffee table cup and plate set I decided to got with the colors green and purple – an awesome combination I did never recognice -but these colors rock toghether.

So here we go – this is everything I used ( got the flowers and the lavender from the fields behind the house and our garden)
So first of all for the drinks – besides the regular coffee I had some refreshing sparkling water  with slices of lemon for this little lemon scent in the water and as an apperitiv for the guests after arriving an Jules Mumm with Acai flavor – a brasilian berry.

I made two cakes ( we were eight people – so I was afraid it wouldn´t be enoug to eat) – the small one was a sand cake and the other one has been a Pina Colada cake with pineapples and some rum. Yummy 🙂

I cut some fresh lavender from our garden to make the little bouquets for the plates.  

I hope you all had a nice weekend and sorry for posting so late today. Oops.
Take care. See you. Love K.
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Bath Storage and my new bathroom

Hi guys
today I am showing you some great products to get organized in your bathroon and they also look very chic.
There are many different styles and types but I decided to go with those clear acrylic ones.
First of all I am showing you where I am storing my Make-Up products. I decided to go with this little containers because I already had matching bathroom cabinets so I did´nt want to get new drawers.  They have 3 Schubladen and little shiny silver knobs. I like them a lot and it fits a lot of stuff into them.  They quality is great – it is a thick and stabiles material.
They are available in 17 colors !! Ordered them from amazon.

The next thing I have to help me get organized is this lipstick case. It holds eight lipsticks – it doesn´t matter which shape they have – of any brand.
Had to get a few more than one because I have way more than eight lipsticks but that is okay for me.
Bought this type at the local drugstore. Here is a similar one from amazon.

Here are a few other organizing ideas I have used in my appartment earlier ….

I also purchased those bright petrol bathroom carptes. They match perfectly with the tiles. And I always like a good match 😉

This all took so long to pick out and decide which one to take and which one to leave. (Cause you can´t get everything or at least not at once)
Decorating and furnishing is a slow process (maybe not only for me) but in my opinion it is better to finish room by room otherwise you are gonna get crazy.
Think of a concept first. Choose the style and the colors you would like upfront and pick up some pieces you like to try out how they look. There is not so much difference in buying decoration stuff or clothing. Trust me.
Maybe I could have been quicker to get everything done but I rather spend time with my boyfriend than working in the house all by myself. (I think that´s totally understandable)
Although it takes a lot of time but when you are constant and patient you are gonna have a great place to live and of course the most important part – a place that feels home to you.
The next room I am going to finsh might be the living room.
Keep looking forward for more house updates and decoration ideas.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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Easter Table Decoration

Hi guy´s

Easter egg hunt is coming closer and you might have planned a short vacation or a visit at your families house. My Easter is going to be definitely very stressful cause in the same week
I have to leave my apartment and move into my new house so there may not be so much Easter festivity for me this year – but that´s fine because after that I am living in the new house.
And I am really looking forward to it and showing you everything.

I ordered all this nice pieces from the Otto online shop.

In my opinion all we need is some color to feel better and much happier after this so long and cold winter. I always liked how pink and orange fit together and I found a tablecloth with little eggs on it which has definitely the same opinion like I am. 🙂

I got this nice neon orange coffee can. You can never get enough of coffee – or at least I can´t. It holds 1.5 litres so it might be enough for the first round of easter brunch.

The other items I got are a salt and pepper mill in pink. The look very futuristic. I first had to get used to this look. Further I got matching napkins with a orchid print on them. And of course – I always need those for decorating tables to dine – napkin holders. Those have sweet little teapots on them. They remind me a lot of the teapot and teacups of the beauty and the beast. Super cute.

The other thing I purchased is a wooden tray. You could also put the salt and pepper mills on it or anything else you like. It is available in two different sizes. This one is small.

And of course a matiching tablecloth with little colored easter eggs on it. Staying true to the color theme.

But now we are coming to my favorites – the black and white mugs with the different pops of colors and patterns. They look so great and so totally fresh for spring but in fact they do not match with the rest of the decoration I was showing you for easter and spring.

So here we go:

And here are the black and white mugs. They are so awesome. Totally love them.

How do you celebrate Easter?
We always do a family brunch on the Sunday – where everyone comes together.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Hi guys
today´s post might be inspiring for you if you are hosting a Christmas Party or Christmas Eve for your family and friends.
It all about table decoration.
I am loving festive table decoration. It Looks pretty and your guests will also love it because they will know that you are taking great care of them by making such an effort for a dinner Party.
So let´s start…


Napkins similar
Napkinring old

How is your table decoration ? Do you also prefer red for Christmas ?

Take care. See you. Love K.

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